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  1. Thanks sven

    Thanks sven
  2. Does GXT Radio or Radio Group support "Others" Text Field?

    In many case, there is an "Others" option in the multiple choice. Besides the "Others" radio button, there should be Text Field after it and allow user to input supplementary information.

    Here is...
  3. is there any Validator for CheckBoxListView?

    I have checked with the API, the validator is only available for the widget under Form package.
    If I want to add the validator to CheckBoxListView, display the error message and icon when the...
  4. Problem solved. After reading this...

    Problem solved.

    After reading this thread.

    I should add this to set allowing text selection.

    Stupid Me..
  5. Cannot Highlight the text in TextField with GridCellRenderer when using Firefox

    Dear All,

    I have used GridCellRenderer to make an editable table for inputting properties.
    The property values allow not only TextField, Checkbox and ComboList are also added in the value space....
  6. Thanks for your help!

    Thanks for your help!
  7. problem in assigning name to Radio and Radio Group

    Hi All,

    I have a problem on the assigning name to radio and radio group.
    I need to refer a radio button from external javascript,

    However, no matter i set the name in RadioGroup or Radio, the...
  8. I have do some research on this. And I found that...

    I have do some research on this. And I found that we can use EXT.getCmp in Ext Js.
    So, is there any way for GXT?
  9. problems in getting gxt component value when calling from external javascript

    Hi all,

    In my application, there is an external javascript which it gets the gxt generated component's value by the id
    (e.g. document.getElementById(id))
    I know it is not a good approach,...
  10. Draggable Component inside a Draggable Component Problems and Label Resizing Problem


    I have 2 problems about draggable and resizable.

    I have a FieldSet, a Label and a TextField
    They are all resizable and draggable
    Label and TextField are the child elements of FieldSet and...
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    I have found what i have missed. All i need to...

    I have found what i have missed.

    All i need to do is over ride the onRender in CurrentDateLabel and make the event sunk.

    protected void onRender(Element target, int index) {...
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    Composite cannot be dragged and dropped

    I have created a simple composite widget called CurrentDateLabel which contains 2 Labels to print out the current date and format

    I have set the drag source and drop target in entry point. for...
  13. Hi Ersmarker, Thanks a lot. It solved my...

    Hi Ersmarker,

    Thanks a lot.
    It solved my problems.
    The draggable problem is also solved when create a new one.
  14. Yes, you are right. I have copied the old...

    Yes, you are right.

    I have copied the old resources.
    Sorry to bother you so much!
  15. so you mean the lib? i am using gwt 2.1.0 and...

    so you mean the lib?
    i am using gwt 2.1.0 and gxt 2.2.1
  16. Doc type of my host page is:

    Doc type of my host page is:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

    cache is cleaned for chrome

    no matter i use the GWT plugin for chrome or run the compiled resource...
  17. sorry...updated the code in previous block....

    sorry...updated the code in previous block.
    Thanks a lot.
  18. Here is the code, thanks a lot ...

    Here is the code, thanks a lot

    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();
    panel.setLayout(new RowLayout(Orientation.HORIZONTAL));
  19. Option list elect button of ComboBox in Chrome is shifted

    I have created a SimpleComboBox in a ContentPanel with Vertical RowLayout

    There is no problem viewing by FF3.6 and IE8
    But when viewing with Chrome, the list pull down arrow button was shifted...
  20. Cannot Drag and Drop TextField and TextArea in FF and draggable in IE


    I am writing some tools for user to design a form layout.
    I have created a list of BoxComponent (Label, TextField, TextArea, Button, Radio, etc....) on the left
    and a Design Panel on the...
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    problem in LayoutContainer alignment

    I have written a GXT application and i want to place the gxt object with center alignment in the browser.
    However, i have tried with setStyleAttribute, it fails.
    Then i set the style name to...
  22. How can i drag the Label of the form contorl widget?

    Hi all,

    I have a problem on dragging the widget in form panel.
    I have created a TextField widget with a label and text box and it is draggable.

    The code is very simple as shown in follow:

  23. Thanks for your help! I finally know what has...

    Thanks for your help!

    I finally know what has happened.

    Here is my case, just want to let all GXT beginners (like me) not to act as stupid as me.

    I use a GWT HorizontalSplitPanel and inside...
  24. How can i set the TextArea Width with a percentage value?

    I have drilled down to the source code and found that EXT GWT support px as unit only when setSize(String, String).

    so i decided to set the TextArea width in percentage with CSS.
    However, the...
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