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  1. Same problem.
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    Got it working thanks.
  3. The first thing to check is scope. 'me' might not be what you think it is when 'failure' is called. For callbacks, I usually derive the scope from parameters passed into the failure() call or some...
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    RPC 1 uses a fairly simple protocol:

    eg (from wikipedia)

    {"method": "echo", "params": ["Hello JSON-RPC"], "id": 1}

    you would have to emulate this using extraParams settings in the AJAX proxy...
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    I've created a data view with the view.View class, which uses a template to display various PNG images. I use an AJAX based data store.

    I'd like to return the PNG images inline, rather than using...
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    Is there a way to either reuse or prevent multiple notifications appearing (that are the same)?
  7. I've started working on a new approach as I havent got anywhere with the SDK and ExtJS 4.1. I did finally get it running under Linux, but the compressed files are all wrong and I just dont have time...
  8. I get

    Error thrown from your application with message: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object

    when attempting to package an application with ExtJS 4.1.1

    Running on Centos 6 (64bit).
  9. I've noticed that the SDK's dont seem to work with ExtJS 4.1. I usually get loads of errors about 'locale' and then a partial app-all.js which when used calls in most of ExtJS 4.1 dynamically anyway....
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    Is Linux support still active?
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    Great work on this release. Muuuuuch better....

    This fixed a horrendous issue I was having with switching tab panels, causing windows to lock up, etc, etc. Now works really well.

    Thanks - keep...
  12. I'm working on a test case - down to around 400 lines, I need to trim it a bit more first.
  13. I'm seeing a weird problem with a Ext.window.Window which just contains a tab panel with two tabs (each is a Ext.panel.Panel).

    When I select one of the tabs, the window is no longer movable. If I...
  14. Also with 4.0.7. It seems to affect IE only, but is present in IE9 and IE10.

    I think this looks terrible in IE, and in fact I turn off the grey theme when in IE.
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    Good point. I've run into problems where I've used 'width' 'height' etc in config.

    It might be better to move some definitions into the constructor or initComponent, particularly where you are...
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    Tried all the latest builds of SDK 2 and it is still failing to package ExtJS 4.1 apps.

    I get the app-all.js, but then a whole bunch of extra js files get loaded as well so it
    basically doesnt...
  17. I've had similar problems restoring a complex application with several windows from a state. In 4.0.7 the z-order is remembered correctly, but in 4.1 it gets lost, and in fact the top most window is...
  18. I narrowed this down a bit. It seems to occur when you do a loadData on a store associated with a grid panel. loadData(new_data,clear) has a flag 'clear' which if omitted or true clears the current...
  19. It may be too big a leap from the regular themes?

    I think if the current themes could be lightened up a bit, and if the bevelling/3D effect could be reduced that might work OK?

    More of an...
  20. I've been playing around with the Neptune theme in a fairly complex application
    with multiple windows, everyone has their own opinion on this type of stuff,
    but for what its worth - my take was:-
  21. I'm finding that loadRecords fails in a grid in the latest 4.1.1 build. Not sure if anything has changed recently with this? It seems to fail after updating the data and the firing the 'refresh'...
  22. Icons overlap text in menus (all types) on all the browsers I tried.
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    Unfortunately it looks like SDK 2.0.0 is required for ExtJS 4.1 ? I didnt get a successful build on my app with the older SDK.
  24. Tried SDK 2.0.0 but this doesnt seem to work on CentOS 5.8 (complains about Qt library).
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    Installs OK but when I run it gives:-

    /opt/SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3/bin/phantom/bin/phantomjs: error while loading shared libraries:...
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