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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have a working example of this extension? I don't know if my server side json is incorrect or i have a miss configuration issues of the store, view or grid.

    Thank you!
  2. Hi,

    is there a way to expand everything like a tree root.ExpandAll() function?

  3. Hello,

    i'm trying to download an XML file using an web application by using an ajax submit to a hidden iframe form, as a handler of a button:

    if (!'frmDummy'))...
  4. Hi,

    i think there is a headers mime problem. There are differences between the working version and the non working one.
    After some hours of debugging i realized that server side PHP it's...
  5. Hi,

    no, i'm not using a plugin. It's a simple downloading hack using a form submit and a iframe response eval.
    Same PHP response headers, just diferent extjs versions.

    Here are my response xml...
  6. Hi,

    i have a full functional grid-export-to-excel on ExtJS 2.2, but after i upgraded to 3.0.0 it's not working anymore and i can't find why. Here is my function:

  7. The answer is:

    function printBill(){
    }catch(ex){Ext.Msg.alert('Sorry','Print Failure!<br />'+ex);}
  8. Hi all,

    i really want to use this nice plugin but it seems that i can't find the right way to print an iframe content.

    here is my code:

    text:'Print preview',...
  9. hi,

    i have a simple problem with this plugin. close(reset) search button it's not working for me. do i forgot somethin?

    here is my code:

    plugins: new Ext.ux.grid.Search({...
  10. hi all again,

    i think that there is no official answer on this because...the answer is to simple...load ajax combo records transaction before you load data into form.

    something like:

  11. hi all,

    do you know, there is no official response on that.

    i use hiddenName with my combobox in an edit form panel ...i get correct id but my combo wants to load selected id.there no hope for...
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    of course i will make a codeigniter helper or library...but...i thought there is some ext implementation on that.

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    hi again,
    this code it's giving me an two dimmensional array with database records...:

    $this->common->mSelectWhere($table,$record) usually, for ext functions like tree, combo, grid..., as i told...
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    thanks...but..i'm using standard form.load ext function. all ext features using json(grid, combobox, etc.) are using data obtained by standard php json_encode function. why not form.load too?

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    i'm trying to load into a form data from database. what i saw is that json format it's good in this format:

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