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  1. Hello,

    I have a data store that works. I can receive/send data with no issue, but I want to report errors and acknowledge completion back to the sencha app. I cannot see in the documentation on...
  2. I have a sencha project with a couple views (see attached image).

    When I run "sencha app build testing" I get the following error:

    C:\Sencha\project\xxxxxx>sencha app build testing...
  3. I have finally got some progress with the SDK tools to work:

    Don't use SDK 2.0 Beta tools as they don't work at all. Very frustrating to see posts from Sencha about them not working but no...
  4. Using the Sencha SDK Tools does not seem to work.


    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <!-- Auto Generated with Sencha Designer -->
    <!-- Modifications to this file will be overwritten. -->...
  5. Hello,

    I have created a simple form with a grid to work with salesforce. I created the layout with Sencha Designer 2 using MVC. When I deploy the files to a regular web server everything works...
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