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  1. No, I don't know how to layout using css. Could you post an example?
  2. Hi all,

    I know Sencha Touch doesn't support layout in Ext.field.Field (Ext.Decorator) but I need the component inside Decorator fitting height with the Decorator. How can I do that? My purpose is...
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    Are you removing all view items from Viewport and then display new view items on it? So you can move all your view items of the first scene into a container, move view items of the second scene into...
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    Because you defined the class 'Blog.view.Main' in the file 'Home.js' instead of 'Main.js' so Sencha couldn't load the file 'Main.js' as you declared in the app.js "views: ['Main', 'Login']". Rename...
  5. Thanks for your help. I finally used Container with card layout instead of NavigationView so I can avoid that problem.
  6. I'm sure that a valid navigationview object with xtype = 'navigationview' and I can push, pop views with it
  7. That seems to be right as I think. I also spent my hours to find out how to resolve it but nothing found. I also tried the following code to test effects of animation but this works fine:

  8. Hi all!

    I have a problem with NavigationView. I could not push a new view as after popping some views from a NavigationView (Ext.navigation.View). Here is my code:

    navigationview.pop(); //...
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