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    Super! Thanks a lot Mainegreen.
    Is it really necessary to try to destroy the iframe first? without that it also works..
  2. Perhaps you added the option to the grid instead of the column?
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    in ExtJS 3.4.0 i used this:

    bbar: {
    toolbarCls: 'x-toolbar-ct',
    cls: 'x-toolbar-ct-blue',
    items: [ .... ]

    .x-toolbar-ct-blue {
    border-left:1px solid #99BBE8;
  4. I'm wondering if this is already built in ?
    the html editor still doesn't listen to the tab key ...

    I'm working with extjs 3.4.0
  5. you can do it by giving width's for every column and don't use autoExpandColumn
  6. would be nice if you said how you fixed it...
  7. for me this worked:
    in the formpanel:
    autoScroll: true
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