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  1. Say I have a FormPanel, and I want all fields on that FormPanel to bubble their 'change' event up to the form... How can I do this without having to call "enableBubble('change')" on each field?
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    4th Dimension (4D) v11 ExtRemoting component has been released. Available for download at
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    Amusingly enough, I've just finished an implementation of Ext3 remoting for 4th Dimension. :) The code's not available yet, but should be in a few days.
  4. OK, feel free to call me stupid, but I just want to be 100% clear about this thread: What is the relationship between what's being said in this thread (especially the lengthy post by Condor) and the...
  5. Could you talk a little more about this and what you think are the problems with it? Are you referring to what Saki calls "pre-configured classes" ?

    We have a non-trivial ExtJS application - 20K...
  6. Condor - thank you very very much, that fixes the problem for me. :)
  7. I'm having the same problem - it doesn't happen in Safari, but it does happen in FireFox. Setting the width of the RadioGroup, or the width of the individual child items, doesn't fix it for me. I'd...
  8. I had the exact same problem - you need to embed the 2nd FormPanel inside of a regular Panel to make this work. See this blog post for details:
  9. Use Firebug to see exactly what "JSON" your PHP code is returning - and use to verify that it's actually valid JSON.

    I use Ext.util.Json all the time without problem...
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    hm. A FormPanel is a Panel - it should work fine when embedded in another Panel - I never have trouble doing that. The link you reference deals with the specific case of placing a FormPanel inside...
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    Have you seen Saki's example pages? He has an example covering this exact scenario:
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    The RSS feeds work nicely, but they only show the first post in each thread - at least, for me. Am I missing some super-secret option, or is that just the way they work?
  13. Did you read the TabPanel API docs? tabPanel.remove() will remove tabs - or am I misunderstanding your question?
  14. This is standard HTML behaviour - empty form fields are not returned on a 'submit', and according to the API docs getValues() behaves the same way:

    "Returns the fields in this form as an object...
  15. In order to have multiple items on the same line in a form you need (AFAIK) to place them inside of a panel that uses the column layout. This is what I've been doing, and it works perfectly. Here's...
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    Take a look at - there are a lot of useful examples there, including one which shows exactly what you're looking for.
  17. Yes, that's exactly what I was seeing as well - if you have "autoHeight" turned on then the FieldSet is is very short - like there are no fields. If you force the FieldSet bigger by using "height"...
  18. I had a very similar problem - in my case the form fields in the FieldSet would not show up unless I resized the browser window. I ended up doing a "doLayout()" on the enclosing panel, and that...
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