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  1. May i ask what you put in and where u put it in your Project?

    But should it be correct to put it as I did? Not sure how to specify it more clearly in an App.
  2. When I use your Code, I get following Error before the Output (that in my case are still both '0')
    Unknown chromium error: -6
    I googled a bit and it says, that this error occures when the File is...
  3. Hi, thanks for the fast reply.

    I tried what you suggested, but 'success' is never true.
    I also made an Output before the if, that is executed once and 'success' is not true then.

    Edit: also...
  4. Hi there,

    I have been thru this complete Forum, but I can't find my mistake. I don't get any Errors or Warnings for the JSON File. I had some but managed to get rid of them, that's why I'm sure,...
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    I have the same problem with my App.

    Did you find a solution? My CSS r loaded correctly, but still i can't find the issue for this.

    Is there a special filed in Blackberry that I have to resize?
  6. Is there currently no way to open it from a packaged App in an equal 'easy' way?

    In my web App this worked like a charm:

    function() {'');}
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    I think I finally understood my Problem. I already tried a lot, working with record and this.record BUT the Problem (I think) is, that my whole Views render while starting my App. And at this Moment...
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    Okay, after a lot of searching I found this link:

    This is what I changed in the...
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    how do I do that without this?:


    I tried some ways, but Google doesnt help much. I found something with this code in the Controller:

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    You mean, this one is too much:

    this.fireEvent('detailCommand', list, record, index);
    But how do I send the Event to the Controller without it?
    Do i 'grab' the Disclose-Event with "disclose"...
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    So.. what should I do? Build it, that everything happens in the Disclose-Event?! Should it work like that? Or is there another way?
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    I had the condition to implement it in MVC-Pattern so everything goes through controller. But shouldnt it work like that too?
    The Data is not lost, when I make a TextField with the name: 'DataName'...
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    Well.. I'm not sure what u mean bei 'all I do' so I show u the complete lines that get run through when the Event ist fired:

    In the List-Object the Listener ist defined as following:

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    Hello again,
    I have an issue to use the Record after the listener event: onItemDisclosure
    I do as follows, where I call the onItemDisclosure:

    this.fireEvent('detailCommand', list, record,...
  15. Okay, I dont know WHY but after a lot of trying I got it working with his:

    var myList = this.down('#platesList');;

    I have no Idea why the '#' is needed but it wont...
  16. And how do I get the List out of the Object? I searched and tried so much but I just get the same results as before.
    Sorry if it should be obvious.. I'm pretty new to Sencha Touch.
  17. Hey,
    I have a problem with selecting an ListItem in another variables Listener. I run it in Android Virtual Device Manager and Android Version 2.3.3. I use sencha-touch-2.0.1-commercial....
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