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    I am using Sencha architect, with Touch 2, i cant figure out how to display my cards when the buttons in my tabpanel is pressed.

    I have tried linking each card to the corresponding item...
  2. Thanks, that took care of the scrolling problem, but now i cant seem to set a title, without getting a back button on the top bar. ??

    Ext.define("VUCFyn.view.uddannelser", {
  3. Hello.

    I am struggelign to get navigation.view to work, there is no documentation about it in a MVC context.

    But bycoincident i discovered that the "Intro to list component" video also is...
  4. It also somehow overrules my Viewport TabPanel. ??

    Kind regards Mads Nielsen
  5. Thanks a lot, i got it working now, but the content i add to View1.js is also visible on Navigation.js

    How do i fix this?

    Thanks a million times for the example.
  6. I really appriciate the example, but is there any chance that you can cut it down to just 2 views?

  7. Thanks.
  8. Okay. Where can i obtain the source for the TouchStyle app ?

    btw, this is the code i have right now:

    Ext.define("VUCFyn.view.uddannelser", {
    extend: "Ext.navigation.View",
  9. Hello

    I am starting to learn Sencha Touch and MVC, it's great so far.

    But i can't figure out how to use Ext.navigation.View.

    I have a view, and would like to use navigation.View to switch to...
  10. Hello

    I need to be able to switch between the view with the list and a view with details about the selected item on the list.

    This is what i have so far:

  11. Thanks, works now. :)
  12. Hello

    I would like to have a list in my fieldset. I cant seem to get it to work.

    Ext.define("VUCFyn.view.uddannelser", {
    extend: "Ext.Panel",
    xtype: "uddannelser",
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    Nope, i dont have a working Sencha environment up and running.

    Kind regards Mads Nielsen
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    Is it possible to use JSON as the data format in a Ext.List ?

    Example from!/api/Ext.List

    Ext.regModel('Contact', {
    fields: ['firstName',...
  15. Hey all

    I have a simple app where i use the simple chart from extjs and the menu from ext-core but they collide, is there anybody else that have encountered this ?

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