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  1. For Ext, this bug can be easily replicated using Ext samples of /examples/tabs/tab-scroller-menu.html.

    For an overflow menu on a TabPanel when there are more tabs than can be displayed,...
  2. We are having a case to insert a record manually to an for a grid panel. The calling method is, records). The record gets inserted without a problem....
  3. For a grid with plugin of Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing, if clicks on a cell to start editing, then hitting the tab key will jump to the last cell instead of the next adjacent cell. It was working on...
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    508 compatibility is a must-have for our project. It is urgent and important to know:

    what big issues left on Ext4.0 or your future plan regarding the compliancy?
    what version and when can we...
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