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  1. OK, let's wait for the new Ext version.

    And about the accents, I also tryed to change html charset to iso-8859-1 but that didn't work.
    But, you're right... encoding the file on UTF-8 does the job...
  2. Another small problem. Is it possible to support accentuation?
    If I write anything with áéíóúçÇ, the docs shows only rectangles.
    I really need this to write portuguese words.

  3. Renku, it's much better now!

    While building the docs, there's a lot of warnings about missing link references. For example, On the Ext.ComponentManager description, there's a lot of links to...
  4. Thank you so much for releasing this binary version so quickly.
    I've made a few tests and is working perfectly... Well, it does output a few error messages, like missing references, but I can live...
  5. That's great news!

    Regarding your post about windows support, any news about the binary version?
    Meanwhile, I'll try to install ruby and do some tests...

  6. I wonder if they ever going to release their parser, since I'm waiting for it since 2.x ...

    My biggest concern using community parsers/hacks is about discontinued projects, I've read a bunch of...
  7. When you have a toolbar with items other than buttons (like text and form items), the overflow menu is created with no items.
    To have the old toolbar behaviour, just set the enableOverflow option...
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    It's missing the 'enableOverflow' config option for Toolbars. See related thread here.
  9. Use Fiddler to debug what's being returned from the upload action.
  10. because we've made a small modification to the metaChange method, the CheckboxSelectionModel wasn't working properly. Removing that change solved the problem :D

  11. AutoGrid 'generates' your records and colModel based on the MetaData received from server, check forum topic

    Using a normal grid the CheckboxSelectionModel works perfectly... I'll try to post an...
  12. Does anyone has successfully implemented these two together?

    I was able to render the checkboxes properly, but if I click on the header checkbox, it doesn't select all rows.

    Same happens if I...
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    oh well, i just thought that would make any sense to someone (other than me) :))
  14. Nearly 50 views, yet, no anwser?
    Maybe u don't fully understood my problems or should I go back and try to make the right questions? :)
  15. (file didnt get uploaded) =/
  16. Hello all, I have a few problems with a layout i'm working atm, and i'm not entirely sure if i'm doing wrong or it's really a sizing 'bug'.

    I've attached an example of my layout. Extract it on...
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    Just checking if anyone has an easy solution for this...

    I'd like to be able to set the width of my tbspacer's items.
    Looking at the docs theres no option for this. Did i miss something?
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    The file was OK for me.

    BTW, nice extension. Thanks for sharing it! =D>
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    Entra no forum brasileiro e pergunte l
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    Yeah! Thats it \:D/

    I didn't know how to properly format the date value..

    Thanks for all =)
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    hendricd: That worked, thankss!!! But the date format returned is US (m/d/y), even if i put in the config the dateFormat: 'd/m/Y', that doesn't work.

    I also tried prototyping the dateFilter...
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    For the numeric values it works OK, but for the date i get the following error

    value.clearTime is not a function
    Line 18206

    Here's my call:
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    @Ambience: I've made a question earlier in this thread but no one can awnser this but you!

    How can I set a initial value for the numeric and the date filter types?? :-?

    btw, thanks for this...
  24. If you manage to load the filter values, please let me know. Cuz I'm stuck at this too :D
  25. Hello mate!

    Check post #29 from ambience, he added a property to prevent auto submit.

    For your apply button, simply do a ds.load({start: 0})

    Now to save my filters, I used a bit of the...
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