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    There is a very sparse one outcommented in the sourcecode of Ext.Component ( But it is not good enough for my needs, so I am...
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    I have been working with Ext.grid.column.Template, and discovers to my big surprise that it actually has a well functioning and very usefull click event. It comes with a lot of usefull parameters,...
  3. Also returning false from the beforeitemkeydown does not seem to stop anything at all. I don't know if I am supposed to make another bugreport for this, or if it is enough that I just write it here?...
  4. Hi.

    I have noticed that beforeitemkeydown (and itemkeydown) of Ext.view.BoundList is executed differently in Firefox and Chrome. In Firefox it is executed before the normal behaviour of the arrow...
  5. I would also like to hear a good explanation (and solution preferably)

    I have posted a code example here:...
  6. Hi there.

    It appears to me that the Ext.view.View keyhandling is not doing what it should according to the API (or maybe it does, but something else screws it up afterwards?).

    I am trying to...
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    var myStore = new{...

    should probably have been:

    var myStore = Ext.create('', {...})

    It is used more than once in the examples.
  8. I also would urge the sencha team to implement it, since I could have great use of it too.

    While I am waiting for the correct solution, I have made a (fairly functional) workaround by listening to...
  9. Hi there.

    I am working on a new widget, and I am a bit puzzled about the MVC parting. When I have an application, I can have model-, view- and controller-objects (and I agree that this is a major...
  10. Hi

    I have thankfully noted that your model objects support polymorphic models that extends on each others.

    Now I want to load a store with different kinds of model objects all extending the...
  11. 4 minutes - best response time ever! :D

    Thanks! :)
  12. I have a model object that is supposed to have a hasMany relation to itself. When I try to define the hasMany relation to itself, the modelMgr nags because the model is not yet defined.

    Have any...
  13. Hi Sencha team

    In ExtJS4.0.0beta1 there is a file data/ideas.js that briefly suggests a model objekt hierachy so model object can extend on other modelobjects (at least that is how I read...
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    We really really need those tabs back - take our word for it! :-(
    I'm down like 8-10% in efficiency alone because of the missing tabs (depending on the kind of work and level of uncertaincy / need...
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    Another trivial typo in the API. Under Ext.regModel it says that regModel is a shortcut for Ext.ModelMgr-registerType. Should be Ext.ModelMgr.registerType

    And by the way, count me in the queue of...
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    In Ext4 pr3 API the callback function of states: "Only necessary is animation was specified".
    I guess it should be "if".
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    Hi there.

    We have a relatively complex ExtJS application, that seems to fail miserably on the ie9 platform in the test environment provided by Microsoft.

    If rumours are correct, Microsoft is...
  18. First of all, I didn't really succeed in getting Ext3.3 up and running, so I have only snooped around in the source files, and based my preliminary conclusion on that. I might be wrong, but I do not...
  19. I will check it out first thing tomorrow! :-)
    Thanks for you answer.
  20. Fantastic! :-)
    Thanks a bunch everybody!
  21. Hi guys.

    I have an XTemplate that loops through a serie of elements and writes them in some html format. After every element I print out a linebreak, but I don't want that extra linebreak to...
  22. 1) Sorry, the last solution you posted slipped my eyes, before I posted my solution.
    After some considerations I am going for your quickfix solution, since that gives me what I need without having...
  23. Hi again.

    I can't set my split:false, since I need the possibility to colapse the west panel, and I also need the splitbar to set things appart visually.

    I have made some minor alterations to...
  24. Thanks for the quick answer, even though it wasn't quite what I was hoping for :s

    Is there a chance for this to be fixed in a near future?
    Would it help anything if I submit a bugreport on it?...
  25. Hi.

    I have a borderlayout, where the west panel has to have a fixed width when visible, but may or may not be collapsed.

    Here is a snippet of the region definition:
    xtype: 'panel',
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