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  1. In Chrome, when I call RadioGroup.setEnabled(false), the radio group becomes disabled, and clicking on the little circles does nothing, but clicking on the labels causes the radio value to change...
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    I have a Grid with a ColumnConfig whose ID uses a nested property. This works great in GXT, but now I want to style that column using CSS. The DIV I get is as follows:

  3. Thanks!
  4. Attached is a Junit 3 TestCase which fails for me.
    Thanks for looking at this.
  5. I'm on it!
  6. I am getting this same issue, but this is a regression for me. I am upgrading from GXT 1.2.4 to GXT 2.0.1 and the code which used to work fine is now broken.
    As with Rakas, we are getting an...
  7. As a temporary workaround for developers, you can change your chrome 'channel' to the developer channel.
    This provides weekly updates of chrome,...
  8. I suggest that the events thrown by the RowExpander should have a field for rowIndex. Without it, the events are mostly useless.

  9. When you call setExpanded() or expand() or collapse() on a FieldSet which uses CheckboxToggle after it has been rendered, the checkbox does not get set to the appropriate state.
  10. This is more of a suggestion, but I'm also looking for reasons why it may be inadvisable to use.

    I'm making a generalized EntryPoint class for a family of GXT applications so that each app can...
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