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  1. Ping...
  2. Guys, any update. Thanks in advance
  3. We have popup window functionality in our application wherein we can render entire application page within a popup window launched from a parent window.
    We use Javascript windows currently and write...
  4. Hello,

    I am trying to set the height of a panel inside a table layout. I am doing it this way:

    panel.listeners = {
    afterrender: function(me){
    me.getEl().setStyle('height','100%'); ...
  5. My temporary workaround is to put each item of the table in another 'container'. With that the table layout reserves space for those containers, and when I conditionally hide any of the cells, then...
  6. with the same example that I initially provided, even I let the components displayed in the first time and later hide them, the hidden cell is not preserving the space
    see below

  7. I disagree.
    Per documentation, when hideMode is 'offsets' it should retain its dimensions.
  8. I expect a layout provided by Ext JS works as expected/documented, and in this case I am showing you a case of regression.
  9. In the table layout, for one of the items if I put hidden:true, the cells are shifting left to take up its space. Adding 'hideMode:offsets' also has no effect.

  10. I am able to solve this by using the combination of renderer and editor.
    (1) Renderer picks up the 'display text' from the grid's store.
    (2) Editor (xtype:combobox) I have added 'focus' event for...
  11. Were you able to solve this without using Skirtle's component column? if so can you please provide details
  12. Replies

    We need Pivot grids as well, pls let us know release plan for same.
    This has been requested some time back and given that is not exactly a NEW feature request (was there in Ext 3), should...
  13. Skirtle, thanks very much for prompt response.
    I will be trying this and let you know how it goes. I am creating ext widgets for grid cells from within column renderer so don't have them...
  14. If it not much of pain, could you please provide some sample code/class that I can use/test as starting point and let you know how it goes.
    I don't have grid refresh use case currently, so I believe...
  15. My original support request thread is at

    I am now able to render Ext widgets in grid cells...
  16. Yes please move this to the bugs section. Can you either give the link to the bug id created or make me as a watcher.
    Meanwhile do you suggest any work arounds?
  17. Yes, IE is not running in compatibility mode, but still the issue remains in standards mode.
  18. Hi
    With the following border layout with another border layout nested in the 'center' pane, I created some large data that creates horizontal scroll.
    The same code displays horizontal scrollbar...
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