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  1. Ext.Ajax.request [DELETE] method not works as my expect

    url: `/api/${url}`,
    method: 'DELETE',
    params: {
    ip: ipList,

    this is my code. and I expect it's working like
  2. [BUG] When Locked Grid inside window resizes, vertical scroll move to top

    It can be reproduced easily.

    1. Make Window, layout: 'fit'
    2. Make Grid panel inside window as a child.
    3. Set a 'locked: true' one of the columns.
    4. Resize window

    then you can see vertical...
  3. x-keyboard-mode is showing everywhere after 6.6.0 update.

    After 6.6.0 update, there are some problems.

    All component has a dotted outline when It has focus.

    I checked what it is.

    It turns out x-keyboard-mode.

    I tried to turn off...
  4. After windows update, Sencha Themer is not working.

    - Version
    Sencha Themer: 1.3.1

    Windows 10 Pro: 1803 update

    After update, When I run Sencha Themer, It's showing only white screen.
  5. Replies

    [BUG] Grid Panel with BufferedRenderer

    Hello, Nowadays I found out some bugs from grid with bufferedrenderer.

    When I resize a grid panel and scroll repeatedly,
    First, grid panel's scroller is going to top.
    Second, white spaces...
  6. How to copy treestore to another treestore

    Hi, I have a questions about tree store.

    I want to copy treestore to memory treestore.

    I did this below code.


    it looks working....
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