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  1. Thanks for the suggestions yeghikyan - I poked around further trying these and I did find a workaround:

    var newTitle = 'Reservations (' + val + ')';
  2. Any work-around suggestion for getting the display to update after setting it directly?Thanks,Neil
  3. It's really undefined - so such function on that 'tab' object.
    This is ext-5.1.0 is that makes a difference.

  4. I notice that there's no setter for 'title' in a tab - but I need to update it dynamically with a number indicating a count. I tried the following code but the display does not change:

  5. Ah - that looks promising.I did get to try the metadata change event on the reader proxy too and that seems to be working - though I had to replicate the response success/status in the metaData at...
  6. I'm not using the Direct package in my app and have been Ok up until now with processing side-band info in my server response using the data provided by the Ext.Ajax request callbacks as they provide...
  7. Perfect - I did not know that was do-able while still retaining the sort!Thanks chamacs!Neil
  8. I have a grid grouped by a field that is not displayed as a column (using feature ftype: 'groupingsummary'). I do not want the user to ever change the grouping or ungroup the display totally.

  9. Doh - thank you!Not an obvious place for this but it works :)
  10. I have a similar scenario, but using a combo field type - my custom sorter does not get called. Here's the relevent gridcolumn configuration that all works except for the sorting:

  11. Thanks f.baron.The issue is more to do with what to use for the HtmlToStringFunction() - I was not aware of any solution for this as part of Extjs or a handy javascript function.

    I was hoping...
  12. I have a combo box populated by text that has html entities in it.
    The entities get decoded in the selection part, but after selection the entities show up undecoded in the box space...

  13. I'm pretty sure that would work if I put my custom validators into a file - I was trying to avoid that and use the dynamic creation method that I use now. It's probably best that I move over to that...
  14. In Extjs4.2 I added custom model validators like this dynamically during my app initialization:

    Ext.define(APPOVERRIDE+'.validations', {}, function() {
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    This looks like a great way to be able to validate record values that depend on other values in the same record. I wanted exactly the same thing for dates (one must be after the other)...
  16. I'm using 4.2.2 and still see the dirtyCls only being applied to the form table container rather than the specific field.Has this been added in a different way?Thanks.Neil
  17. I have no simple test case right now to show this and I may not get the opportunity to create one for a couple of weeks.

    If you look at the QuickTip.js code you can see the inconsistent use of the...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.3.0 and 4.3.1 rev 883
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome, but this is not a browser-specific issue - solution provided below...
  19. I've just upgraded to 4.1.3 from 4.1.1a and am getting the same error - but I am already using the suggested fix/right way to do this:

    name: APPNAME,
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    I have a touch 2 application with some code that I'd like to share with ExtJS. I'm using the public 4.1.1 version to get familiar with it and can see a number of differences in the...
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    Did anyone that had this problem earlier get a fix in a later release?
    Is there a workaround?

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    I'm using version and am running into this problem using an Ext.dataview.List instance, where prepareData is not being called at all.

    Is the fix in some other version or have I found...
  23. No comments? Is this a stupid question?
  24. I worked around the issue of the events not getting fired by setting up the same events during onLaunch of the controller using the store's "on" method. I can now turn off autoSync and do a sync when...
  25. setDirty() is my function (coincidentally the same name as the Model function). I would manage updates using this - allowing me to turn off synchronization if I wanted to.

    However, the problem is...
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