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  1. You're right, scottmartin. I once gave grid.reconifgure a try, but to be honest I was confused what to do and forgot about that function. Now that I've wrote the stuff above it is clear to me....
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    I tried to implement dynamic grids in Ext 4: Ext.grid.GridPanel: adding/removing columns
    At least, it works as it should in my case ;) But I'll continue working on that if problems arise.
  3. As I recognized by playing around with grids and reading many forum posts, adding and removing columns of a GridPanel is not an easy job.
    Edit: as scottmartin pointed out, using grid.reconfigure is...
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    Hi community,

    I'm using Ext 4.0.7 and want to dynamically add columns to a grid view. Therefore, I also have to modify the connected store and model definitions. While fighting with the code I...
  5. Thanks skirtle! This code looks much more elegant and also works for me using ext.js.
  6. I got it working: I've moved the above code with the Ext.override directive to the launch function of the application, like you did:

    launch: function() {
  7. Hi,

    basically, I've the same problem: I'd like to override such that it will react on a failed request:{
    constructor: function() {
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