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  1. I have created the bar char using sencha touch. Now i want to add some description or text above some bar . Same think i want to do with line graph. But i am unable to find solution. kindly help...
  2. Hi,

    we are using sencha touch 2.0, we are created on slide using with Tabpanel and Carousel, i want to add vertical tab inside the carousel and tabpanel slide. please help.

    Thank you.
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    we are using the slide transition for the particulare Text, it's working fine , but we have multipal slide,
    these show all transition on first slide, i want to give the transition when...
  4. but this is not working in multi screen devices.
    have u checked????.........
  5. Hi,

    i'm trying to fit the image size fro multiscreen devices.
    but not able to do it., via viewport

    please help.

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    Hi, I'm creating Slide, i want to giving Slide effect in the text like, we are adding number of text i want to present text by slide (one by one)

    waiting your response.

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