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  1. I add a new constructor method for Ext.window.Window, and when you add a "single" property to window or config, set it to true, the window will be create singleton.

    constructor : function(config)...
  2. For now, I have to organize the structure by my self:(,
    Hope it can be done by SA2. But the name works well when they are requied.

    Sorry for bother you so much, but I really believe it's useful...
  3. How can I do it when to create them without launch them onReady?
  4. Is there anyway to create singleton window?

    As I know, the singleton property is used by Ext.Base, and will lead bug to window.

    It's really boring to check componet when we create a window....
  5. I guarantee nothing wrong will happen when add dot to app.js' name property.

    Actual I have modified metedata and change app.js' name property to "Sion.Nosql", and re-open SA2, all done! My...
  6. It's a small problem for SA2, but huge for team developers.:((
  7. Since 4.2, ExtJs can add "." in application's name property, and it make file structure much more convience for team developers.
    But in SA2, we still can't add dot in name property. Looks like it's...
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    +1 for thisB)
  9. Thanks!=D>
  10. ~o) waiting for response
  11. Suggest change it to editable just like 42658
  12. Anybody else care about this?
    It will be awesome if we can write something in that combox, and it also make SA2 much more extensible.
  13. In the document of '', it told us that we can define custom for field. I make a new one which called OneToMany, but I can't add it in SA2, it only have 6...
  14. Finally it's solved :

    create : 'office/user/create',
    read : 'office/user/read',
    update : 'office/user/update',
    destroy : 'office/user/destroy'

    Need bracket inside:(.
  15. Great!=D>
  16. I don't know why, but it just doesn't work well.

    I paste like this,


    and got such result.....

  17. BTW, plz help me to write such api in the write way, I really get puzzle with it:

    create :'/controller/new',
    read :'/controller/load',
    update :'/controller/update',
  18. Glad to see you back, aconran! Happy new year!B)

    Probably the new feature is included since 4.1.3, this post said a little:...
  19. It works!=D> And sorry for my fault.
  20. Anybody come back from holiday?B)

    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 676
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.1
  22. I like the new feature about namespace in 4.2, it make coding and controlling big application much easier,and we can use SA2 in separate folder also.

    But right now, SA2 doesn't support new...
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    I need a standalone for a lower price.
  24. I have something to write in onReady function, but I can't find it in SA2, is this possible in it?
  25. Like I have some remote filters in a store, and now I want to add another filter to do local filter,
    but I can only set store's "remoteFilter" property to true or false,
    how to seperate filters to...
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