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    Another year has passed... And yet, Sencha continues to ignore some of the worst usability problems in its product.

    Are there any news regarding these issues?
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    Any news on these issues?
    Are any of these bugs ever gonna be addressed?
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    I think it's a bug in Sencha Touch.

    But why do you have two entries with exactly the same text? How would users know the difference between the two options?
  4. Maybe the problem is this line:


    If the source is invalid, your listener hides the image, but that line shows it again.
  5. I tried adding your record to a store and getById worked for me.
    Does getById work for you before you call save and stops working afterwards? Or it doesn't work from the start?
  6. Can you change your JSON structure or does it have to be exactly the one you provided?
    Specifically, can you use this format instead? This format is better supported by Sencha Touch.

    [{ ...
  7. As you can see on your console, you have two errors. The second error is causing the trouble.
    Can you get more information about the error from that console? Line number? The actual code?
  8. The error listener should be called whenever the loading of the image is unsuccessful, including empty or invalid sources. Maybe you have an error in another part of your application? Can you post...
  9. Try using updateUrl instead of setUrl.

  10. You're welcome.

    I'ts true that debugging JS can sometimes be more difficult than debugging compiled languages like Java or C#. Chrome dev tools and similar tools do help a lot and most of the time...
  11. You have a typo. You use "requiers" instead of "requires".
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    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you very much for your response.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you write Ionic added "another layer". Do you mean their native plugin? I know their solution consists of...
  13. The itemId is responsibleSearchField and not responsible.
  14. So you say your list behaves the same whether scrollToTopOnRefresh is true or false?
    Can you please try to reproduce this in a fiddle?
  15. The fact that the child view isn't destroyed doesn't mean it stays a child view of the navigation view. It's removed, and that's why you can't find it.

    I would create some sort of a view cache in...
  16. Did you try setting the list's scrollToTopOnRefresh to false?
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    I think navigation view doesn't support what you want to achieve.
    I'd use a regular container with a card layout, or build a custom component.

    Have you seen this project?...
  18. Can you try setting a name for your checkboxfield and use names instead of itemIds for the ref part in your settings controller like so?

    refs: {
    chkExpertMode: 'settings...
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    I'm not sure I understand your view structure.
    Is the main menu view an item in the navigation view?
    Could you please describe your view structure in more detail?
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    When you want to return to the previous view, do you use navigationView.pop() or just push a new instance of the previous view?
  21. Is is possible that for some elements the mediaGroups field is just an object and not an array? If so, try this:

    name: 'url' ,
    mapping: 'mediaGroups',
    convert: function(value,...
  22. Is there a specific reason you're not using Sencha Touch's built in NavigationView?!/guide/navigation_view
  23. Are you sure the first settings view is destroyed?
    Are you using a NavigationView to navigate between the two views or something else?
  24. You can use a convert function like so:

    fields: [
    name: 'title'
    name: 'link'
  25. Please post your code and I'll try to help
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