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    Compiling GXT using GWT 2.7 gives an interesting error:

    [INFO] Computing all possible rebind results for...
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    When configuring a ComboBox, you have an option for setting the trigger action. TriggerAction.ALL works as intended when working with local data, but not when loading from the server. The problem is...
  3. I made some changes to the doLayout method:

    protected final void doLayout() {
    final Size size = this.getContainerTarget().getStyleSize();

  4. Any updates on this issue?
  5. These changes did not make it into the 3.1.1 release. Any plans on when this will be added to an official release?
  6. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    «Ext GWT 3.1.1»

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)
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    In an application I'm building, the splitter between resizable elements in a border layout needs to use difference appearances based on where inside the application the container is placed. Does it...
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    I needed to restrict a tree to a max depth, but could not find a simple solution for this within the GXT library. I therefore extended TreeDropTarget to get the functionality I needed. This might not...
  9. I should also point out that I needed more detailed control over how wide each column in the horizontal layout should be, and this is not supported in nether HBoxLayoutContainer nor HorizontalPanel.
  10. You are absolutely right. I'm using only the width from CssFloatLayoutContainer with CssFloatData size=1. When laying out the HorizontalLayoutContainer, I set the height manually. I managed to get...
  11. I see that both HorizontalLayoutContainer and VerticalLayoutContainer are set to be positionable in their constructor. This makes these containers override settings received from their parent...
  12. You should probably also add "position: relative;" to the child element CSS, in order to position its inner content correctly.
  13. Thanks for the info, branflake.
    Are there a plan for a release with the CssFloatLayoutContainer margins bug ironed out?
  14. Using CssFloatLayoutContainer only works if all elements should fill the full width. If any of the elements use margins horizontally, the width of their margins are deducted from the total width to...
  15. My problem was solved by moving from VerticalLayoutContainer to CssFloatLayoutContainer with a CssFloatData size parameter of 1
  16. I got the same problem after migrating from 3.1-beta to 3.1
  17. I tested this against GXT 3.1, and the problem still occurs
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    The Tree.clear() method fails on the first line if not yet attached. This causes a null pointer exception on the removeChildren() call. This method is automatically called when content has been...
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    I've updated the code with support for GXT 3.1 with your comments on the code.

    public class GridInlineWidgetEditing<M> extends AbstractGridEditing<M> implements GridWidgetEditing<M> {

  20. When the store connected to a ComboBox are cleared and re-filled, you might run into situations where the ListView fails while adding items. This is illustrated by the following example:

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    I use drag and drop in a tree in order to reorganize its content. I then add a drag move event which restricts the number of levels within the tree as follows:

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    Using CheckBoxSelectionModel in a grid causes bottom half of the checkbox to be hidden in the header for gray and blue theme. This can be seen here:
  23. Please note that the tab problem only occurs in production mode, and that the editor flash problem only occurs for some widgets. TextField and CheckBox flashes, while DateField does not.
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    I assume this post refers to this bug:

    I've run this code example against GXT 3.0.6,...
  25. The problem exists in version 3.0.6. Run the provided example in post #1 against GXT 3.0.6, and run the steps I described in post #8, and you should see it immediately.
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