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  1. Hi jratcliff,

    Thank you very much for your help. It's working as you tried it. I am really greatfull for you kindness help. \:D/

    I hope God will give you a present for helping me... :)

  2. Hi jratcliff,

    I have tried it. But it still not working. The user interface became messed up because of the code:

  3. Hi Animal,

    Can you explicitly give me the sample of how to do it?

    I tried many times and it was failed. :s

  4. Hi Animal,

    All I want to do is update the single Panel. I mean, if the 'contentPanel' variable consist of three tabs, the only I want to update is the tab "Screen Monitoring".

    Can you represent...
  5. Hi Animal,

    Thanks for you reply. By the way, can you explicitly tell me where to insert the code that you mean (getUpdater and startAutoRefresh)? Because I tried this and it was Javascript error:...
  6. Guys, can you tell me how to do auto reload tab panel content? For example:

    var contentPanel = new Ext.TabPanel({
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