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  1. Hi,
    I'm trying to create a new type of filter using GridFilters to get a filter in multivalued fields. What i have done until now is to copy the ListFilter.js to a MultiListFilter.js, and modifying...
  2. in fact, it's doing a GET action. where ir could be configured?
  3. Hi,
    i'm trying to use a UploadPanel to upload files, but it is not sending any post parameters. Either the baseParams not the file is being sent. I'm doing something wrong?

    new Ext.Panel({
  4. Yes, the data in the JSON response is like this:

    "29/04/2011 16:34", <-- when time is other than 00:00

    "16/04/2011 0:00", <-- and my friend.....

    Then, there isn't any way to handle it? I...
  5. Hi everyone, I've a troble with a date field in a store.
    The dates that come are in format "29/04/2011 12:35", for instance. And i have my field configured with type:'date', dateFormat:'d/m/Y H:i'....
  6. Replies
    Hi, I have one problem. When i change from one page to another, i got the load event of the store fired. I think it's not correct.

    My entire problem description is here:
  7. Finally, as many other times, after i ask, i got the solution by myself, sorry.

    I explain what was happening:

    It's a search page, where i have a Search button. After the button has pressed, the...
  8. Thanx, but that's what i was trying, and it didn't work. While i was trying, bu the way, i realized something:

    -Accessing through bbar a lot of functions, variables and attributes of the...
  9. Hi,

    I've been for days looking for a way to make it working, and after trying all what i've found, i'm in the same situation. I hope anyone could give me some help.

    I need a grid with local...
  10. I found a workaround, but it's not a "clean" solution, and i can't still made a selection on the textfield, but it works (or it could be said to work). What i've done is:

    First, I've overriden the...
  11. Hi again,

    Debugging it, i've seen that a error is fired exactly in the time i edit the content of the textfield (every change i do). The error is this:

    I searched the line in StringFilter.js...
  12. Hi all of you,
    i'm trying to get a StringFilter working, and it really works, but not as it's expected.
    I've copied the code just as in the example:
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