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  1. On your ColumnConfig object, set a renderer using setRenderer(new MyRenderer).

    MyRenderer is a class that implements GridCellRenderer, and returns the HTML.

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    Sure, that would work too:

    enum MyEnum {

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    You can also use the BeanModelMarker method:

    public class MyEnumModel implements BeanModelMarker { }

    And then you can use the BeanModel in your combo...
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    I can't seem to find a way to specify a custom sorter for a particular column. Anyone can point me in the right direction?

  5. The issue issue manifest itself on a version of GXT 2.0-m2 built on May 19th, under MacOS X, GWT 1.6.4 in Hosted Mode (safari agent). From the stacktrace and the nature of the bug, it's likely that...
  6. Hi there,

    There are a couple ways to do it:

    When you build your Grid, in your ColumnConfig for the relevant column:

    ColumnConfig myColumn = new ColumnConfig("my", "My", 35);...
  7. Thanks Sven.

    It's even documented in ColumnConfig:

    * A column config for a column in a column model.
    * <p /> The column config is a configuration object that should only be used
  8. Calling ColumnConfig's setHidden method does not work once a Grid has been rendered. It works if its called before, but not if it's called after. The documentation does not make mention of the fact...
  9. Thanks Sven!
  10. Safari (MacOS X 10.5.6)
  11. Read the first line.
  12. GWT 1.6, GXT 2.0-m1 (built as of 5/10/09), Hosted mode

    When you have a ComboBox field, and:
    - you style the label with a margin component
    - you set allowBlank to false

    The warning image will...
  13. I figured that's what you meant.

    That works, actually - but the Window should be listening to its children for resize events and do this for me.

    I am seeing this on Safari (and Hosted mode,...
  14. Doesn't fix it.

    To restate: the issue is that when you collapse or expand the field set, the shadow for the entire window does not resize along with the window.
  15. public class Test implements EntryPoint {

    public void onModuleLoad() {

    Window w = new Window();
    w.setHeading("my favorite variables");
  16. The problem also manifest itself if I use the default, FlowLayout and a RowLayout. What kind of Layout is one supposed to used with auto-= height?
  17. popup = new Window();
    popup.setAutoHeight(true); //(and all the components in it too)

    Window has a FitLayout
    In the FitLayout, there is a LayoutContainer (call it form) with a FormLayout

  18. Ok thanks.
  19. name.setEmptyText("A short description of the task");
    name.setFieldLabel("Some Label");
    // we have to do it at this level because otherwise gxt styles take over...
  20. I have a class ContentReference.

    If I parameterize it - class ContentReference<T extends ContentType> the BeanModel mechanisms (both the BeanModelMarker interface and BeanModelMarker.BEAN tag)...
  21. Gents,

    Users hacking ext-all.css by hand is not a solution, and neither should it be a FAQ. You need to preface all GXT standard tag mods with a contextual selector (i.e. 'gxt' or something like...
  22. Hi,

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. Expanding a bit:

    1. I am using a ButtonBar to add a submit/cancel pair on a FormPanel (itself in a popup Window). Is this the right thing to do?

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