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  1. Sony devices which I used to check the app has android version 4.0
  2. Hi, I developed my chart application for android and packaged it as .apk file, when I run it on Samsung galaxy and HTC explorer is works fine , but when I run application on Sony Xperia it shows only...
  3. please someone answer to my question, i am stuck here with above problem. please
  4. Hi, below is my code for Model and Store , I did as you said but my chart is showing only one column instead of multiple column .

    Ext.define("triumphsys/mobility/revenueAnalyzer.model.User", {...
  5. Hi I am developing a chart application in this data is coming from server for both xField and yField of series, but I wanted only yField`s( numeric value e.g. 10, 20, 30, 55, 88 for columns of chart...
  6. could someone please reply to this thread . even I have the same problem.:s
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