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  1. Why should I reset the totalPoint? I'm creating a new instance? Or not?

    totalPoints: 0
    ,addPoints : function(values) {
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    I do it like this, and it's working...

    echo $_GET['callback'] . '('.json_encode($results).')';
  3. Hello there,

    I have a dataview that loads some 'points' from a store and shows it in a template. At the end of the template I want to show the totalPoints. That's why I made a function 'addPoints'...
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    I found out something strange (in my eyes) about the validators.

    I have a simple form, where I validate the email adres. When I create the form there's no problem (for adding records...
  5. Hey,

    Before I post this as a bug, I want to be sure that I'm not doing anything wrong:

    The problem is the yAxis, labelRenderer: it is setting the comma-decimal separator correct, but it won't...
  6. Hello,

    I'm developing with Extjs for quit some while. I hearded about the Designer some time ago, but never really used it.

    My question: is the designer only for those who aren't that...
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    840 = new{
    id: 'resultsDataStore',
    proxy: new{
    url: '/' + module + '/' + controller + '/index/',
    method: 'GET'
  8. Hey,

    Searching for this for weeks and now decided to post the question on the forum. Hopefully someone can help me.

    I have a tabpanel that opens tabs with forms, views, ... With a form it's all...
  9. thanks Condor,

    I found out that the IFRAME is the best way. I can now render my grid in the Panel.
    Still have to take a good look at the ManagedIframe.
    For those who want to know:

  10. Hello,

    I have setup a viewport with different panels. Lets say left panel (tree/menu) and a right panel where I want my content.

    When I click on the menu it does something like this:

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    Hello guys,

    I'm converting an old site to Zend/Extjs. In the old site, we have a javascript window popup that's openend, filled up with data, then printed and closed. Something like this:

  12. enableCaching: false (standard this is true)
  13. Hello,

    Every page on my website has to following code. What does it do? When an ajax request is fired it show a little div 'popup' with 'please wait...'. When Ajax request is finished it hides...
  14. Hello,

    I'm having a grid with groups. Problem, when I got a group with no items, it's showing the group (that's what I want), but it's also giving one empty row. Makes the view a little bit ugly...
  15. Hey, thanks for the reply. With your sollution the store is only reloaded after closing the window. But the window stays open after the submit, so that the users can submit more forms after each...
  16. well it's a part off:
  17. Hey all,

    I've a grid with a button. When button clicked I open a new window with a form. (form is not extjs, just php code). When I submit the form the values are stored in the database, so I...
  18. Hello,

    I'm saving myself some time by not giving a full example. But I think you guys know the answer without example. If not, please ask.

    I have a grid with my customers who made a purchase....
  19. Thanks Condor, this is working fine!=D>
  20. Hello,

    I have a editorgrid with filters (local = true). The filters are working fine. But when I insert a record, use the filters, turn off the filters, the record I inserted is gone. I was...
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    doh! So easy, once again I was looking to far!

    thanks again
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    I developed a grid with filters and paging. When changing the filters they are stored in a php session. So, when I go somewhere else on my website and return to the grid it will load the last...
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    thanks / bedankt
    works fine / werkt fijn :D
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    I have also a gridview with checkboxes, and it's not selecting/deselecting when clicked on a row. Maybe if you give us some code we can have a look at it how you builded it up...

    for saving...
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    Is it possible to change/set a dateformat when used in the groupTextTpl? I get a date from my db like this 'Y-m-d'. But want to output it like 'd-m-Y' in the groupTextTpl?

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