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  1. I believe I was able to narrow this down to a test case.

    I have a container with a named anchor that obviously points to another point in the same page. I also have a "Back to Top" link that...
  2. Great, thanks a lot. I had that suspicion and your answer has now confirmed it.
  3. Yes, all the elements are within the scrollable container. Is there anymore information I can provide that might help?
  4. Hi,

    I have a Ext.Container setup with vertical scroll and a table of contents. I've also added anchor elements for "Back to top" from anywhere within the container, as shown below.
  5. We are trying to create Sencha Touch 2 app that will also work in offline mode. However, when we update the content in our app, in order to for the new content to be updated in the cache we have to...
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