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    Drawing & Charts
    Advanced Data...
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    I have a problem with dataview who contains the data.
    Section, which doesn't exists in tpl is duplicated! In this instance - test. Maybe it's a bug of Extjs?

    var datat = [
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    Hello! I Have a problem with Ext.view.View
    snapshot of my desktop

    In my page i use a dataview with XTemplate. After, i updated my dataview and my table from template is duplicated. My...
  4. I have same problem.

    .bgBlack .x-field.x-field-labeled .x-form-label { background-color:#000000;}This is not working. I have to change background, that is delete him. How do it? Please! I give...
  5. Thanks you! Very helpful! I managed. :))
  6. I done it, how write above. Also, be sure to register types of data fields, without this will not work! ;)
  7. Hi everyone! This is not a bug. That was not the error, you must specify the datatype of the field id.
    Something like
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    I done this. If you press button, then the handler call the controller. This very simply! Use this.

    tsvb2 - name of app,
    app - must not forget
  9. If you do this on Sencha Architect or simple on Sencha. And you made model and store as done above. I show my instance of code. This code really simple and works.

    launch: function() {
  10. I done it. I set autoLoad and autoSync both to true. And it worked.
    Thank you!
  11. Hi! I have same problem. macs, how you decided this problem? Can you answer fully?
  12. Hi everyone!
    I'm junior programmer in Sencha touch. In me don't work local storage. Maybe I did something wrong?
    This is my code:

    Ext.define('', {
  13. Thank you for the explanation. I'm very grateful
  14. I found the answer!
    It's easy. It should be on the panel code click "Overrides class" and add the config. It looks like this:
    Ext.define('tsvb2.controller.override.playerEdit', {
  15. I have a question. How you added this
    control: {
    'list-ref': {
    disclose: 'function_name'
    in the Sencha architect?
  16. Thank for you! I done this. All worked. =D>
  17. This question interested me, thanks
  18. I added a screen to my question
  19. Hello everyone!
    I have a problem with Ext.dataview.List. His config. onItemDisclosure in sencha architect 2 has only one boolean parameter.
    In the guide has it:

    And question:
    How correctly...
  20. This is simple solutions. You should take panel and after making the appearance and disappearance of the panel. :)

    //The action for the appearance and disappearance of the panel
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