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  1. The isShiftKey() value for a TabPanelEvent is always false for Events.BeforeClose. It should be true when the shift key is down.

    My guess is that the event member of the TabPanelEvent is null.
  2. I reposted in this forum because it is the bugs forum. Initially I wrongly posted to the help forum. My apologies.

    It would be better to reopen this thread and close...
  3. Popup.html states that

    is sent after a popup is shown. This is not the case as

    is sent.
  4. Popup.html states that
    Events.Show is sent after a popup is shown. This is not the case as
    Events.Open is sent.

    Either the code or the API docs are wrong.
  5. Replies
    After reading this post I was able to solve my (similar) problem immediately.

    How about making this into an Explorer example?
  6. This is in case anyone else is experiencing the failure of Google Chrome to display com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.table.Table rows after upgrading from Chrome 1.x to Chrome 2.x.

    The text in the...
  7. In the Explorer 1.2.4 demo ( on the Forms>Forms demo the TimeField highlights the wrong item after a time has been selected and then the select list is popped up.
  8. ellipsis would be a more logical name for this method in com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.util.Util

    ellipse(java.lang.String value, int len)
    Truncate a string and add an ellipsis ('...') to...
  9. Yes, my example was too simple. I see your point. It would work for me.
  10. In the JavaDocs for BaseModel the descriptions for Model.Add, Model.Insert and Model.Update are all described as,

    Fires after the button is selected.
  11. I use MultiField<CheckBox> by extending from it so I can override the public CheckBox getValue() method which has to return CheckBox. It should return a Set of CheckBox but the generic nature...
  12. Remove the ":" like this,

    FormPanel f = new FormPanel();
  13. +1

    I was surprised to see this missing when I started using CheckBox so I would be keen to see this added.
  14. In TextField "whether a field is value" should read "whether a field is valid",

    setAllowBlank(boolean allowBlank)
    Sets whether a field is value when its value length = 0 (default to...
  15. With this setup,

    NumberField f = new NumberField();

    pasting in <b> with ctrl-v CORRECTLY marks the field as invalid but the tooltip...
  16. With this setup,

    NumberField field = new NumberField();

    when the 3 character string "the" is...
  17. This JavaDoc for NumberField needs to use &lt;Integer&gt:

    * <pre><code>
    * NumberField<Integer> field = new NumberField<Integer>;
    * field.setPropertyEdtiorType(Integer.class);
  18. The generic type is not showing in the JavaDoc for these classes because the angle brackets are not escaped. For example in BeanModel the HTML source is

    private List<NumberTag> numbers;

  19. On the type information following each "Map map" does not show because the < and > characters are not escaped in the Java...
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