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    Its not what I wanted to achieve... I wanted to redirect when the form submission is successful.
  2. This extention is given the security warning in IE8; Can anybody help me how can I avoid this?
    many thanks...
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    I am facing the same problem :-( can anybody have any idea how to solve it?''); // working
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    I am facing the same problem in IE8. How can I fix this? Can anybody help in this regard? I am kind of stuck in IE 8 :-(
  5. Yes clicking has happened but I am not been able to set the active item from any of the method which change the active item. Can you please also confirm that I am doing the things in a correct...
  6. I am new to extjs 4.0. I am very much familiar how things work in extjs 3.4. The MVC is giving me a tough time to grasp. Here is my problem:
    I have view which have the multiple cards with the top...
  7. I have added the action column by following the code snippet given in the API. I have tweaked it a bit to change the icon but my first row is not showing the icon. Can anyone look into my code and...
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    Is it possible that I can use polling for grid's column value? Basically, I have to update the status of the column dynamically for each row and for that I need to poll for each row and get the...
  9. I am getting the same error on
    this.drawChart.defer(100, this);
    what extra I need to configure?
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    I am trying to make a grouped column chart but I don't know how to achieve this. I haven't found the sufficient help from the internet. Can any body help me in this regard?
    Following is the data:
  12. It is in the same folder in which this js resides
  13. Yes I see the image tag while inspecting with firebug
  14. I need to display an image in a grid cell and the image url is coming from db. I use this image url in rendered like this:

    {header: 'Id', dataIndex:'imageId', width: 200, height: 200,
  15. I am doing the same thing but I am not been able to display an image in grid column. here is the code snippet:

    {header: 'Id', dataIndex:'visitAttendanceId', width: 300, height: 200,
  16. Condor my response header is this:

    Server Apache-Coyote/1.1
    Set-Cookie JSESSIONID=E72238F191086B3E96C07AAF688BF3ED; Path=/office-emr
    Location http://localhost:8080/office-emr/Logout.jsp...
  17. and also if firebug is open then this code is working perfectly fine but when I disable firebug then it just gets stuck :-(
  18. So I should return this json from any servlet so that this problem will be omitted?
  19. This is my own written json text returned from the logout page.
  20. Server response is "{success: false, status: 403, errors: { reason: 'Session Timeout.' }}" and I am checking the success and status to redirect. Following is the code:

  21. My application is using spring security for authentication. When the session time out occur the response is redirected to Logout page but because the front end is in ext, this response is not get...
  22. After thoroughly analyzing this problem and looking into the implementation of "submitEmptyText" in ext-all-debug.js, I have found that submitEmptyText implementation is only provided for simple...
  23. I have figures out that if form api is defined then "submitEmptyText: false" never works. Can anybody put light into it and help me in this regard that how to solve this problem?
  24. Has anybody used submitEmptyText:false? I really need help about this field :( Please provide any insight into its usage.
  25. I am using the latest version of Ext. I have followed this thread...
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