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  1. Thanks for that fix. This isn't just a problem in the Cupertino theme -- it's in the base CSS used by all themes.
  2. I worked around this by overriding, and wrapping it in a window.setTimeout. This way the dispatch doesn't happen until the next event loop after location.hash is changed....
  3. Is there a workaround for this?
  4. Is there a fix for this?
  5. What about the "callParent has no target" messages? I'm getting those with Sencha Cmd and Touch 2.4.2.
  6. Hmm, it's worse than I thought. On a real Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 device, inside a Cordova app, running Android 4.4.2, I'm getting window.orientation = 0 for BOTH orientations. I'm wondering if it's better...
  7. OK:

    Load on a Galaxy Tab, or an emulator with the specs described above.
  8. This isn't fixed correctly in ST 2.4.2; see this report.
  9. Android 4.1.2 emulator, 400x800 screen, Sencha Touch 2.4.2.

    Create a page with the following code:

    Ext.Viewport.on('orientationchange', function(viewport, orientation, width, height) {
  10. (Originally posted here, but making sure it gets a bug report.)

    Galaxy Tab devices (and probably others) use landscape as their "default" orientation. So window.orientation returns 0 for...
  11. This is not fixed in ST 2.4.2. I'm running an Android 4.4.2 emulator with a 1024x600 screen, so the "natural" orientation is landscape. When it launches, Ext.Viewport.getOrientation() returns...
  12. This was fixed in Sencha Touch 2.4.2, although there's no mention of it in the release notes.
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    In Sencha Touch 2.4.1 and 2.4.2, in the file:

    the .x-form-label style has two "color" rules: one from the "label"...
  14. I looked at the Sencha Touch code, and found that Ext.os.deviceType is calculated in env/OS.js:

    if (! && ! && ! &&...
  15. Example:

    Ext.define('Foo', {
    config: {
    platformDevice: 'none'
    platformConfig: [{
    platform: ['phone'],
    platformDevice: 'phone'
  16. Is there any possibility of getting some attention from Sencha on this?

    My suggested fix doesn't work in all cases. For example, I'm using an Android 4.4.2 emulator, in a Cordova app (so it uses...
  17. I generated a new app using Sencha Touch 2.4.1 and Sencha Cmd

    Then I added a tablet-specific CSS file to app.json:

    "path": "resources/css/tablet.css",
  18. I need a way to identify a record in a Store, that remains consistent across page reloads, so I can pass it in a URL.

    (Assume for the sake of argument that the data loaded into the Store doesn't...
  19. OK. Would it make sense to add these to and

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    If I move the Ext.define('A') into its own file, and make X require A instead of A2, it also fixes the build order.

    So it seems like something is handled differently when the Ext.define is inside...
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    Can you guys update the documentation to reflect that? It still talks about the "package" build.

    Also, there are still "package" and "testing" properties files in .sencha when it generates an app....
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    Just did some testing, and I found a clue. In the constructor of X, I also define another class A:

    Ext.define('X', {
    extend: X2',
    singleton: true,
    requires: ['A2'],
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    Correct. No warnings in the output of "sencha app build testing". If I pass "-debug", I do see some [WRN] entries, but only for Ext.* classes. And I see some entries like:

    [DBG] Detected lazy...
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    There are a ton of classes in app.js --- is there something more specific I can post? Unfortunately I haven't been able to narrow it down to a simple case.

    [ edit -- thought I had fixed it, but I...
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    I'm using Sencha Cmd and Sencha Touch 2.4.1.

    When I do "sencha app build testing", the resulting app.js has certain class files out of order, so that class X is used by class Y, but Y is...
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