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    Ext js 4.0, do you have any solution for this problem?
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    Hello everyone.

    I have problem with a grid scroll, the first time it works ok but when I load the store the scroll doesn't work, I am worried because is so necesary that the scroll works because...
  3. Thanks a lot for your fast help, it solves my problem.

    I love Ext js, It has the best comunity.

    Thanks again.
  4. Hello.

    I am using Ext.selection.CheckboxModel in a gridPanel, but I need to have the control of the "header check event" how can I do that???
  5. The load mask when I clicked the grid, It shows in the grid.
  6. Excuse me I have solved this fix, It is not a bug.
  7. Hello.

    I want to remove the loading mask In load record method, how can I do that?
  8. Hello friends.

    I have a bug with Ext.selection.CheckboxModel, I don´t know what happen, I have a checkbox column in my Grid, all ok


    But when I select the detail tab, the checkbok...
  9. Thanks a lot for your fast answer. It solved my problem.
  10. Hello Friends.

    I do not want to use the refresh button in paggin Toolbar, how can I remove it?
  11. Thanks a lot. This solved my fix.

    I have another question, how can I disabled the request button in a paggin toolbar.
  12. Hello.

    I am using Row Editing Pugin, I was looking for getValues method in the API but I didn't see it, I saw getChanges() method but I need to get all Values.

    Can you Help me?
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    I am using a Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing.

    When I press the button "add" I use
    agregarFila: function(store,rowEditing){

    var r = Ext.create('Extidi.modulos.testpersonas.model.PersonasModelo',...
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    Hello friends.

    I am trying to implement RowEditor in my new ExtJs Application but, when I want to add to a new row and get the values, it doesn't do that. In the API I don't see the getValues()...
  15. Right
  16. Hello friends.

    I dont know what happen with my paging toolbar, I have my store.

    Ext.define("", {

    extend : '',
  17. Thanks a lot for your fast answer, It solves my fix. thanks.
  18. I am really worried, Its my first time developed in Ext 4, I have developed application in Ext 3, I was searching the Params property in Json store but it doesnt appear. Why? Can't I send params in a...
  19. How can I solve this problem???
  20. Ext Js 4.0
  21. Hello friend.

    I dont know what happen with my control file, I want to catch the event but this fire before to render the view. What happen??
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    I have been reading the guides, but I haven´t seen a testing examples with ext js 4, could you give me one?
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    But, I am going to start a new proyect, should I start with Extjs 4.0?
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    Hello friends, I am really worried because I don't see any Ext js 4.0 book, I am going to begin a new proyect, I am thinking developed this with Ext js 4.0 but I dont see any book, only Sencha...
  25. I am really worried, I have been using Ext 3.2, I have a new proyect and I dont know if use Ext 4.0, because I dont see documentation about this.

    The new proyect is big. WHAT SHOULD I DO????
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