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    Ext.override(, {
    buildUrl: function(request) {
    return this.callParent(arguments);
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    I mis-expressed myself (or you misunderstood :) ): your code has backslash escaped in the square brackets. Instead of backslash, slash should be put (like it is for stated in start of the expression)
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    If you want to use "beforerename" functionality for renaming, oldName and newName aren't supplied with valid values. Inspect file Ext.ux.FileTreePanel.js at line 952.
    Regex value shouldn't be...
  4. Previous fix doesn't work.

    This one should be better:

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.GridView, {
    ensureVisible : function(row, col, hscroll){
    var resolved = this.resolveCell(row, col,...
  5. Well, if you managed to reproduce bug at your example pages, plz do inspect:

    Both of them include your...
  6. Sure thing, access from IE8 with Browser mode: IE8, Document Mode: IE8 Standards. Scroll down a bit (so scroller is in the mid of bottom...
  7. One more vote to make Ext support and developers pay more attention to this problem. We are using Ext 2.2 but same behavior occurs even for Ext examples when in full IE8 mode (Browser mode: IE8,...
  8. Works!

    Just add listener to grid's render event:

    listeners: {
    render: function() {
    var gridView = this.getView();
  9. I managed to exclude this behavior for current project. Since we have some advanced automatic logic that always focuses first field in shown form, I just added parameter not to do this on form that...
  10. This issue impose another conflict mentioned in (combining of CheckBoxSelectionModel and Drag & Drop - on initial grid load, you can't...
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    Sure, it will be better response there probably.
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    My project need some advanced ComboBox component that will implement full CRUD functionality with itself:
    To have Edit/Delete icons beside each item in combo (Edit should trigger inline edit of the...
  13. Tnx, for the response. The problem was in including whole file from latest repository version. I applied particular overrides in separate file, and it seems it works without glitches
  14. Simplest test case would be just applying the override of whole file from the SVN repository after ext-all-debug, and putting the date field in form.

    Start in Safari with Development mode turned...
  15. I applied the override you suggested but just recently I discovered that it doesn't behave correctly in Safari. I tried both with ext-all and ext-all-debug, but it doesn't show the combo calendar...
  16. I implemented one solution for the mentioned problem. This will trigger collapsing lovCombo when you exit the list or leave the input field. This is tested under FF3 and IE7, with some basic...
  17. Nice component, though, very limited options for many purposes.
    I have a request to collapse item list when mouse cursor leaves object container.
    I tried with every possible combination of...
  18. I'm trying to use mask loading for your component. Is this possible at all?
    I attached mask to the store with:

    new Ext.LoadMask(lovcomboMenu, {
    store: lovcomboMenuStore,
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