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  1. Hi,


    Its working fine.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi,

    I'm looking for a very obvious behavior of HTML select in ExtJs 4 combo box.
    If I press in a key then the control should move to combo box value starting from that key. How can I achieve...
  3. Hi,

    I got the fix for this issue.

    Specifying height, width, x and y coordinate resolved this issue.
    here is the solution
  4. Yes, message box is displaying but without message.
    It happens when we open message box second or third time. Seems like message is shifting towards left, and x and y coordinate are not...
  5. I'm getting a weird problem with Ext.MessageBox prompt in IE 6 & 7. Its message is getting disappear sometimes and coming back when clicking on text box.
    Though its working fine with FireFox and...
  6. Hi,
    I'm using Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop to enable drag and drop between grids.

    Now the requirement is, I've to enable this Drag-n-Drop on double click also. According to the documentation there...
  7. I've overrided Ext.grid.Scroller and its working fine now.
    Here is the work around code

    * Work around for scrollbar issue in extjs 4
    Ext.override(Ext.grid.Scroller, {
  8. Its 4.0.2
  9. Hi,
    I'm facing a problem with scroll bar.
    I'm creating a drag-n-drop component and in forst grid I want to use scroll bar. This scroll bar works fine first time but after reloading some data in...
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    Thanks a lot for all your support. JSHint was a great help.
    Finally I was able to locate those extra commas in my project.

    Thanks a lot again

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    IE build-in script debugger always points to ext-all-debug.js.
    Does not lead to proper erronious script
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    Thanks for your support.

    I've added ext-js-debug.js. Using JSLint I was able to finout one extra comma. After removing that 'xtype' error gone but now there is one more error " Unable to get...
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    I'm facing a very wierd problem.

    I have developed an application and it worked perfect in FireFox. But when I try to open it on IE7 and IE 8, it gives me an error "'xtype' is null or not an...
  14. I'm creating a DataView. In this DataView, I have used xTemplate. My problem is, I have to generate the title of div dynamically. I have used xTemplate functions to generate title string dynamically....
  15. Hi,
    I'm having a data view. I have to reload this data view with another store, on its selectionchange event.
    here is my code

    Ext.sidebar.partnerFilter = new Ext.DataView({

  16. Is there any way to get the title or id of expanded panel in accordion layout?
  17. My data will be like that

    {"partnerFilter":{"column":[{"id":"HomeGeography","name":"Home GEO","filterValues":[{"id":"EMEA","displayName":"EMEA"}]}]}},...
  18. I know, but in this scenario, I have to pick whole data in one go and then have to display it based on root.
  19. Hi,
    I have a accordian layout panel. It has two panels, "partner" and "contacts". data for both panel is comming from the same proxy. only the root will different based on selected panel. how could...
  20. json data config is correct as per my knowledge. I can see the filterObj as a part of JSON post. rest of the string is there. only "partner" values are missing.

    I'm getting this JSON

  21. Hi, I have a scenario, where I have to pass dynamically created JSON to my server as post request.
    I'm trying to generate JSON object using java script. my code is like that.

    // Initialisation...
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    Here is a very question regarding searchField. I have to get the enterd text from searchField and on clicking on search, I have to do a proxy call.
    How could I achieve that. what listeners can be...
  23. Hi,
    First of all Thanks a lot for quick response. I really appreciate that.

    Its working now.

  24. Hi,
    There is one scenario. I have a dataview and on clicking on dataview item, I have to reload an external store. This store will further used to populate a grid.
    Is this a possible scenario?
  25. Hi,
    Its working fine now. Thanks a lot!!!!!
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