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  1. Thanks. Are there any useful examples on how to read a file directly from the uri? The documentation is vague. I assume that it works in a similar manner to the phonegap examples
  2. I need to know how to use the file uri to read a raw binary file from the camera to then encode it to base64. I can't use the data option, because I suspect the base64 is dropping all the exif data,...
  3. If I use

    var snuh = escape([0].imageData.toString()).replace(/%0A/g,"");

    I can get back valid Base64 but I try and extract exif after converting it to binary

  4. I am using sencha cmd to package the app.

    I think I need to escape and decodeURI the string to make it valid base64.

    I will post more code when it becomes more clear.

  5. I have the following code that grabs an image from the camera as data, which then puts the image in a card layout. one card is the image, the next is the exif.

    The image loads fine as a picture,...
  6. I will have a good play around with it tonight and see what I come up with. The app i am porting is fairly bulky so I will start from scratch with a cut down version and work it backwards from there....
  7. I am having similar issues trying to get SQliteProxy to work... Can you post your full working code so that I can see what you mean?

    I have just upgraded from ST2 to ST2.1-rc2 and the sencha...
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