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  1. Hi tyladurdan, I've attached the app folder (the whole project with libraries and css was too large to attach) which should shed some light on the matter.

    Also there is a screenshot showing the...
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    Interesting, according to the documentation (dragstart, dragend) should be available in Ext.Field.Slider.. but architect seems to have no such event... yet
  3. I just ran into the same issue..
  4. Hi rg-flow,

    I was able to get your window to popup..

    var blah = this.getMyWindowView();
    var blah2 = new blah();;
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    My guess, since I have not done this yet.. is...
  6. no problem.. I'm trying to get my head around all this myself , I trust if I'm in error on any of my responses, someone with more experience will slap me down. ;)
  7. I believe you are missing your store reference in your controller..


    Click on the store field and add your store... and your model why you are at it..
  8. Your reference is WindowCreateNewChild

    You are using the getter => getWindowCreatedNewChild()

    I don't think you want the "d" in Create

  9. Why not just create a listener for your save button in your controller to perform some action when clicked ? Also, this keeps all your coding in the Controller instead of having code in your view....
  10. Hi Michelle,

    I got the store not found error. Looked at your code and added a controller referencing your store/views/model.. and voila it worked. Like aconran was saying, a configuration issue....
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    I'm still in the process of learning architect myself.. so I understand this is suppose to create an .apk right from Architect?.. very sweet, I will have to try that. Sorry about the earlier...
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    Thanks aconran, that got me the reference to the other Controller

    var test = this.application.getController('shipControl');

    From here I was able to call a method in the other...
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    Thanks bharatn,

    I'm getting this error

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getApplication'

    so I tried

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    Hi All, I need some conceptual direction on this please.

    I have two controllers.. and all code/Views are fine independent of one another and function as I expect. Now suppose I...
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    Yes, in your src folder under your .java file.. you probably need to change the index.html reference to app.html (see example)

    package lnv.sencha.Touch2_MVC;

    import com.phonegap.*;...
  16. @MichelleWong - , well perhaps the more experienced users can tell you the why the error on the dataview? I'm relatively new to all this myself.. However, I did manage to make a nice touch...
  17. 34401

    I put it on my local server and it did not initially work for me either.. looking at your store and model I changed a few things around.. Not saying which way is right or wrong.. this...
  18. Have you viewed the JavaScript Console in Chrome to see if you are getting any error messages ?
  19. Excellent.. thanks for the Feedback, much appreciated..
  20. lol.. I'm sure this is not the correct answer, but it works.. I pasted the whole section below in the component config field and clicked "add".. then again, maybe that is the way it is suppose...
  21. Hello,

    I'm trying to build in designer for practice, this demo that Ed Spencer wrote for Sencha Touch...
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