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  1. I spent lot of time and not able to make it work.
    So I switch back to 4.1.1 and it is working fine for me.

    I saw many posts on this issue but nothing is resolved so I switched to older version ....
  2. In my original post I already uploaded the screenshot how the Update/Cancel buttons are showing on top.
    Issue is for the first record in the grid buttons are showing on top and user can not even see...
  3. I am not using any custom CSS just using the default Extjs 4.2.1.
    For my other project I did used Extjs 4.1.1 and i did't have any issues there for IE 8.

    Not sure why the new version is behaving...
  4. I am using IE8.

    Please help me on this.
  5. I am not using any custom CSS.

    Can somebody please help.
  6. With the Extjs 4.2.1 version when trying to use Grid editing the buttons Update/Cancel are showing on top. Usually it should show below in the previous versions.

    Following is the screenshot which...
  7. Hi

    I am trying to save the Extjs form. When I click on 'SAVE' button I want to insert into database.
    I am using Spring frame work on java side.

    I can I read the values from EXTJS form in the...
  8. I did check the AJAX response and able to see the data in FIREBUG.
    I am using Spring MVC to get the backend data. But not loading into the combobox.

    If possible, Can someone please post the...
  9. I tried with defining the model. Is same as defining the fields.
    I put the fields for you guys can understand what I am trying to do.

    Appreciate any hints.

  10. Tried both of them no luck.
  11. I am trying to load data to my combobox using AJAX call. I am able to get the data from server and my JSON object is coming.
    My Combo box code is like this (inside container)
    xtype: 'combobox',
  12. Yes that's right.

    I want to do like client side pagination. I don't want to make server call for each page.

    How to do this?
  13. I am using Extjs 4.1.1. I went through the examples already.
    What I am trying to do is I have 3000 records and want to cache everything in memory and don't want to make a call on each page fetch....
  14. Yes I looked into the examples. But none of them fit into what I am looking for.
    In the examples what it is doing is adding as new row in the dropped grid, I don't want that.

    What I need is...
  15. I was developing Extjs Desktop application for our company.
    I need to implement Drag and Drop functionality. I am using Extjs4.1.1.

    What are the Extjs library files that I need inorder to develop...
  16. I have 2 grids where 2 columns(EmpID, EmpName ) are same in both the grids.
    EmpID in Grid2 is TextField and EmpName is Display text

    EmpID EmpName
    1 ...
  17. Code works like this


    Earlier I was doing it for store.

  18. I have serverside filter on my grid.
    I am trying to provide a functionality to users where thay can just clear all the filters.

    for this I was doing this code , but not working
  19. Hi ssamayoa

    Huge thanks for you.
    This is what I am looking for. Spend lot of time on how to resolve this.

    once again thanks

  20. Hi ssamayoa

    Thanks for the code. I just have a quick question.
    How did you give the filter input string for this methd from the URL.
    protected List<FilterItem> str2Filter(String filterStr) {}
  21. I have a grid with large data set(90,000 records).
    So I was doing serverside pagination and sorting. I completed that part.

    Now i am trying to do the Serverside Filtering. Issue for me is when I...
  22. I have a requirement where I need to show lot of data(80,000 records) in the Grid.
    On top of it I need to give Sorting, Filtering capabilitites.

    I tried loading the whole data with paging 200 and...
  23. Thanks for your reply. I got this resolved.

  24. Finally I got the solution for this.
    This is how I am doing now (key points I missed are)
    When creating the grid we just need to say
  25. Sorry, this is what I am trying to do.
    I have a checkbox column where the values are unique ID(Primary key) of my object (not of type boolean. This is of type Number). When user select multiple...
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