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  1. and I did, this link was helpful
  2. Hi all!

    I have a problem , I developed an application in sencha touch v1, then I generated a PhoneGap apk with no problems but when posting it to google play I knew I had to sign the application....
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    you could provide a little example?
  4. Good question, someone has implemented?
  5. I'm not sure that you ultimately want to change the image of a button from the toolbar?could you attach the picture? . if you want each logo on a button that I have different events that can not be
  6. Hi all

    I have a problem when I try set a image in "Disclosure", I know the procedure but many images only displays the silhouette

    the "twitter" and "info" pictures...
  7. Hi all

    Nice thread, I need a List look like Iphone menu too, but I can't merge this code with my code. My results:
    My item list is biggest as iphone menu, the words aren't align in the...
  8. -In Sencha touch 1.1
    -Tested in Iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Google Chrome

    SCREEN 1
    the first step I choose 1/3 area (EUROPA), then the DESTINY is populated with 3 items , I...
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