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  1. Perfect! Thank you very much!
  2. Has anyone successfully aligned a FieldSet's legend to the top-right of the fieldset instead of the default top-left? For example, when I set collapsible: true, I want the toggle arrow to appear to...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 27
    Firefox 21
    IE 10
  4. I have a tabpanel and I want each tab to have their own set of keyboard shortcuts. I set up a KeyMap in the afterrender function of each tab like so:

    listeners: {
  5. Any updates on this?

    Related thread:
  6. I am experiencing this same issue, it seems to work fine if your app has been generated by sencha cmd and you are using "sencha app build". So the functionality is there to automatically include the...
  7. That did it! Thanks a lot Mitchell!
  8. I have generated a new app using Sencha Cmd which creates the following directories:


    I have added my overridden Ajax.js file inside the...
  9. Sorting a datecolumn works nicely for basic dates; however I have noticed that it does not properly sort by time of day.

    Here is an example using a modified version of the example found in the...
  10. Here is my solution to this until 4.1.2 is released.

    I changed the code that VDP posted (from view/Table.js) to the following:

    if (oldRowDom.mergeAttributes) {
  11. Does anyone know of a way to programmatically toggle off (aka hide) a pie chart slice? I want to do exactly what happens when a legend item is clicked. The functionality is obviously there, I just...
  12. I guess I'm a little outdated here, I'm actually using the old Sencha SDK Tools detailed here:!/guide/getting_started-section-3
  13. I would like to use a slightly modified version of the suggested file structure for Ext Js 4.

    This is the suggested structure:
    - appname
    - app
    - namespace

    - Class1.js
  14. Hello,
    I am trying to set up a simple "help mode" on my application. I want the user to be able to click on a help button in the top left of the viewport, then the user should be able to click any...
  15. You are right, that is exactly what I need! Based on your working example I was able to pinpoint my problem to the root configuration in my reader.

    My json is actually coming back nested, similar...
  16. You should be able to call the suspendEvents() method of the component before you select the default item, then call resumeEvents() afterwords.
  17. Thanks for the reply, but it actually seems to have that functionality by default. What I really need is to be able to stop any node that already has children from trying to load them from the...
  18. It looks like each time your createWindow function is called, it creates a new store but only creates a new window if one does not already exist. Try moving your Ext.create('') into the...
  19. Has anyone else ran into a situation where they would like to initially load some nodes and their children into a tree, but still allow those children to load dynamically?

    Basically what I have is...
  20. If you aren't using paging and all of your data is already in the store, you can also use the store's 'filterBy' function in your combo box 'select' listener.

    select: function(combo){
  21. Thanks Scott, It's not really too difficult to remove the mask manually so I'll go ahead and do it that way until something gets figured out internally.
  22. Using Ext 4.1.1 it seems that when a loadMask is attached to a component which is inside a collapsible panel, the load mask's position (or possibly z-index?) does not get properly updated.

    I have...
  23. Ah ok, I see now, thank you.

    I also found that setting "floatable:false" disables this behavior and forces the user to fully expand the panel to view it.
  24. I have noticed that collapsible panels in border layouts do not have their placeholder properly removed once re-expanded by clicking the title.

    Try this example, collapse the east region and...
  25. Ok, it seems that hideMode: 'offsets' fixes the issue. Apparently the default hideMode of 'display' resets all the scrollbars.
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