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    No, I did not manage to do it.
  2. Apologies, I didn't understand that.

    I am also looking for a solution for the same problem:
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    I have a Container which holds the followings in a vbox layout:

    It is working fine if I set the flex values, however, I would like to have the list panels...
  4. Have a look at:!/example/oreilly

    It shows an example of what you want to do. The code is inside the SDK.
    Each session has a html heading and a list of...
  5. Inside Sencha Touch, a container to display the desktop widgets would be enough (like embedding an html page). Hopefully reusing the stores.

    I have found out that in common classes, Ext JS...
  6. Hello:

    I was wondering if anybody managed to embed any Ext JS widgets inside a Sencha Touch application.

    I would like to have a "desktop" profile where I could use Touch layouts with Ext JS...
  7. Hello:

    Your JSON does not look right.
    You are mixing XML and JSON in the same message. You would need to remove the <string> tags in the message.

    And leave something like this:

  8. By the way, @anj, your code (javascript) works perfect in my Chrome browser.
    I just placed the code in the index.html.

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Any news on this?

    I have started developing a cross platform application (smartphone, tablet and DESKTOP) using Sencha Touch, but the lack of mouse scrolling is a big concern.

  10. I am working on something similar, using a rest proxy (in the holder model).
    I haven't completed it yet and I am not sure how that will work;I expect the content/store of the associated (inner)...
  11. Thanks! That helped!

    This is the model that worked:

    Ext.define('PlatformOneFE.model.Contact', {
    extend : '',
  12. Hello:

    I am trying to read the following JSON:

    [ {
    communicationcontactid : 5,
    firstname : "J",
    lastname : "M",
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    Based on the REST api available in the following link, I would like to implement a client.

    The api returns a list of References to each...
  14. Hello:

    I have a panel (Ext.List xtype:'contacts') with a "title" attribute defined.
    I have a panel container, that contains 2 panels. One of them is the panel described above.

    When I create...
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