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  1. Did you have an example put together? I'm trying to get a unit test framework up and running for our ExtJS 4.0 installation.
  2. Curious to know what version this is fixed in. We are running 4.0.7, and are not seeing a scrollbar in Chrome 23 and Safari 6 for OS X, but we are seeing one in Firefox 17.

    Would love to get a...
  3. I'd love to see an example of this in action. We are looking to replace our ORM layer in ExtJS with something else, like Backbone.
  4. I checked out Ext JS 3.4.0 from SVN via the tag:

    I then built the project with JSBuilder2. The source files it outputs however still have comments that...
  5. I too need some IE9 support. Menus are rendered incorrectly.
  6. This occurs also in 3.2.2. The workaround above
    comp.getEl().show();; works. It would be nice if that fix made it into 3.3 or later, if it still occurs. Can a Sencha Dev confirm if it...
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    Is it possible to put all the source files that go with JSBuilder into SVN somewhere? I'm having trouble running it under Java 5, and would like to just recompile it to work.
  8. Now that we're using Ext 3.1, what should we be doing to implement a paging grid that auto-refreshes?
  9. As I don't have SVN access, I took the jsb2 file from 3.0rc3 and used it for 3.0 final, with the
    new JSBuilder2 builder (thanks btw for including the java files in the jar).

    Towards the end of...
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    I'd also love to see a version in Python.
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    almost noon pacific time. I'd really like Ext 3.0 final so that I can start incorporating it into our software release, as I have to apply some namespace changes to the code.
  12. This works great for menus, but breaks grid column widths.
    This is on Ext 1.1.1 where I had to hack in the isIE8 support.
    Does it not break grid column widths in Ext 2.2 ?
  13. tjstuart: Your site seems to be down. I'd love to get a copy of your extension.
    All: does someone still have this extension hosted somewhere where I could download it?
  14. A lot of our existing code is running on Ext 1.
    We would like to start using Ext 2 moving forward, but would like to upgrade our Ext 1
    in a piecemeal fashion, as an upgrade path.
    What would be the...
  15. Thanks.
    I've updated the Wiki page pointed out to me to explicitly state that Vista and Aero themes are not in Ext 2.x, for those that are trying to find out why they aren't there.
  16. Just giving a link to the page of Bug forum best practices page is not a good way to tell me that my post wasn't a bug, when I thought it was.

    Since Vista theme is not supported in Ext 2 now,...
  17. xtheme-vista.css missing from 2.2 distribution.

    To Reproduce.
    Download Ext 2.2
    Unzip it
    Look in resources/css
    note that xtheme-gray.css is there, but xtheme-vista.css is not.
    Look in...
  18. What happened to the Vista theme in Ext 2.2?
    the images directory includes 'default', 'gray', and 'vista'
    The CSS directory only includes ext-all.css (default), xtheme-gray.css (gray), but no...
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    What is the license for the above snippet of code?
  20. I'm using Ext 1.1.1
    We have some long-running Ajax calls, that could time out fairly easily.
    We have thought about setting timeout on the Connection to a very high value, but we still run the risk...
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