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    Hello Condor,

    yes indeed. My first thought was not correct.
    First I found that there is no easy way to create XML in a cross-browser way.
    Thus after I stopped thinking about creating XML on the...
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    Hello to all,

    I would like to create an XML on the client side and when the user is ready I will send it over to the server.
    The visualization of the XML will be a tree component.
    Any changes...
  3. This does not look very nice but it works
  4. Ok here is something else

    this works with FireFox but fails with IE since it seems that myPanel must not be hidden when the doLayout is called, otherwise the rendering is really problematic (IE 6...
  5. yes this is where I placed it but I used myPanel (private variable) not this.
    I suppose that the this will not be undefined.
  6. OOoops,

    now the IE does not work! it is a complete disaster there now since not all of the textareas are visible.
    This is a bigger problem in comparison with my original.
  7. I have made it working thanks to you.
    But the afterLayout event contained an undefined myPanel.
    Instead of placing the there I placed it at the load event of the store.

    This is...
  8. Hello Condor,

    I tried this

    var myPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    layout: 'table',
    wiatMsgTarget: true,
  9. Hello,

    I am having a a rendering problem between FireFox and IE.

    I have a UI that builds itself dynamically after loading.
    For example:

    var myPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
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    Hello Condor,

    I almost forgot to update this thread.
    I imagined that :)

    I have found a workaround in the meantime that works ok.

    I have made a private variable and I keep the...
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    Hello to all,

    I have a Store with a write event listener like this:
    var jsWriter = new{
    returnJson: true,
  12. I found the solution.
    The server must always return a success: true if this is set for the reader.
    Take care not to return the true as a string since this will be taken as a false.

  13. I do not think that I use Ext.Direct as well.
    I tried to return the same message only or with a success: true and a total attribute but with no success.

    The only change is that I receive a...
  14. For the read it seems that I handle it ok.
    If the answer for the read is this:
  15. Condor,

    even when I do not return any answer to the client the alert inside the exception listener is fired.
    Why this is happening ?
  16. Sorry Condor,

    I haven't thought of specifying this.
    I use this
    var proxy = new{
    read :...
  17. Hello to All ( and especially to Condor),

    I have a store that the reader is configured from the server with meta-data.
    I use an and I have registered the following listeners...
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    Condor you are correct once again. :)
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    Hello to all,

    my store initiates a create action although I have made an udpate.
    Why ? Do I have to specify something else as well ?

    Here is the code:

    var jsWriter = new...
  20. Hello Condor,

    yes I have found a way around this by using metadata form the server.
    Your post explains better to me why jsonstore was not working with my reader.
    It is interesting though that...
  21. Hello,

    I am trying to do my first JsonStore to work but I keep receiving: recordType is undefined.
    Here is the the interesting part:

    var TestRecord =...
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    Hello Condor thank you for the quick reply.

    I am using this skeleton that I have found at the tutorials:

    Ext.namespace('test'); = function()
    return {
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    Hello to all,

    I am really new to EXTJS and I have a very basic problem.
    I have read that is god to use namespace and this is what I did.
    I want on the other hand to use some hidden variables...
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