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    I came across a framework called Cappuccino.

    It uses Objective-J which seems to be a higher-level language to JavaScript. It seems to me that Cappuccino and ExtJS could...
  2. ColumnResizer.js Line 97 @ r5633 ends in ; but should be ,

    var index = this.hdIndex,
    vw = this.view,
    cs = vw.columns,
    len = cs.length,
  3. Try setting enableOverflow: false on your toolbar. I had some similar issues and found it to be caused from the fitToSize() function in the ToolBarLayout. by setting enableOverflow: false, this...
  4. Animal,

    Seems there is an issue with TableGridView rendering when the store has not loaded its data yet but am not certain without further testing.

    I am getting a row.cells not defined error...
  5. Using code from svn @ r5496 I am seeing an error that happens often. It breaks in Ext.lib.Event.purgeElement saying l is null. I applied the following override to fix:

  6. I updated to the latest svn revision last night to find that it broke my Trees when calling reload on the root node.

    I applied the following overrides and was able to resolve the problems.

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    fireEvent for Observable not in docs
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    Ext.util.Observable fireEvent has been replaced with filterOptRe
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    php Kohana stack anyone?
  10. Had an issue where i was resubmitting a form with different values selected for the boxselect and the previous values were being submitted. Following fix should be added inside the remove listener:...
  11. Thanks Mindplay!

    I modified it some so that it can be used to load ext components (dynamically generated if you like) on the fly.


    Ext.ux.JSLoader = function(options) {

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