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  1. I was able to fix this by overriding the handleNodeDrop. Essentially checking the destination source to see if the record being copied exists already.

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.ViewDropZone, {...
  2. I get the same issue in 4.1.1. I believe the key is the store needs to have the idProperty set to the same field. So you copy the record with the same id and when it drops it throws the error. This...
  3. 4.1.1 version still have this issue when a template column is used in the grid
  4. When dragging and dropping between grids if the drop grid is floating then the drag and drop does not work.

    Extjs 4.1
    Browsers tested IE9 and FF 14.0.1

  5. Does this UX require jQuery?
  6. Adding the doctype html would solve it on IE9. But it broke other areas of our app. So I had create a support ticket and got an update to ddCore.js. I could'nt upload the js file here but it may be...
  7. I am using ext 3.4 and i have 2 grids one of them is floating. When the floating attribute is set to true drag and drop doesnt work on IE9. Works fine in Fire Fox and Earlier versions of IE.
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    Thanks Simoens. Without a firm committed date how do people plan on a upgrade path. We are planning to do a major upgrade and are contemplating upgrading to ExtJS 4 but without having a committed...
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    What is the scheduled release date for extjs 4?
  10. I am seeing the exact behaviour. Remote store it lets u scroll thru the list but i cannot select. Any updates on this one?
  11. Great, Thanks Doug. I will try these.
  12. Thanks Doug. I did notice your update on the site. Any idea on when that will be available and where. Appreciate your help.
  13. Doug,

    Thanks for the great user extension. FC supports exporting the report in differerent formats is there an option to do this with the extension.

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