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    Thanks for your help Saki,
    I have the portion of my app near completion that makes use of the asynchronous tree. I have it working just fine if it runs in just one page, for example /index.cfm.
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    From where would i call it from that would be after the children are loaded?
    Ive tried in various places throughout the remotetree.js and Ext.ux.tree.remotetreepanel.js file with no luck.

    And my...
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    I am using the remoteTree and it will always have at least 4 folders at the top level; so what I've done is set rootVisible to false.
    so I see 'folder1','folder2','folder3','folder4' at the top...
  4. when i look at the working example, i see it generates

    <div id="thumbnails">
    +<div id="ext-gen7" style="height: auto;">
    </div>however my generated code looks like this:

  5. I thought that idea of using a beforeload listener would have fixed it, but it didn't affect it at all. I played around some with the disableCaching and still no luck

    var store2 = new...
  6. Thanks for the your time and your hint.
    I have read some more of the documentation for jsonstore and load and add, but wasn't exactly sure how to implement that and wasn't successful finding an...
  7. I am somewhat new to EXT and trying to get more familiar.
    after looking at an example at
    i am using coldfusion and trying to display images...
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    I need to customize this example a little. I want to trigger an event when i click on each individual folder.

    I figure it probably ought to be added in the Ext.ux.tree.RemoteTreePanel.js file,...
  9. alright, I've come up with a solution now that gives me the results i wanted.
    So unless you think my syntax is too inefficient, i think i got it


    var MagnetDivID = '';
    this.EXTMagnet =...
  10. I was origianlly asking how to set the Class Name of the generated div around the image.
    I'm somewhat new to EXT, but here is what I got working; though i'm not thrilled with my solution. My answer...
  11. I have used the code that animal provided in his last post, however instead of rendering to
    renderTo: document.body

    I render to a div with an ID of 'canvas' :
    renderTo: 'canvas'

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    solution was to use a real browser to download the files.
    apparently i.e.8 is not stable enough to download zip files without making them unreadable.

    i re-downloaded them with firefox and they...
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    what am i doing wrong?
    I can't open all three zip files on this thread.
    I tried using two different PCs; one with windows 7 & winzip and the other with vista & winrar.
    "cannot open file: does...
  14. :) I was pulling my hair out forever trying to figure out the same error. Thanks so much for posting the solution
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