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  1. I think we solved this by using:!/api/Ext.view.AbstractView-method-refreshView

    instead of refresh.
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    I did not mention anything about my confidence of the framework :)

    Only had the urge to focus on some tiny minor details
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    I know, I can use alternative classnames. No problem even to use the current names.

    I think the naming of classes in the API should be consistent. A small thing which helps developers not to have...
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    This is sometimes a naming inconsistency mistake I make myself, but for the framework it should better be consistent.


  5. It is not there still in cmd 6. Would be a great feature. With model option included.

    But I will do it manually for now :)
  6. Yes there is, the delayed task is for the typing off course. Not needed here :)

  7. What do you mean with 'all'? In your case you have only two comboboxes.

    - One in the cellediting plugin. When start editing in the grid, this combobox is positioned on the clicked gridcell and...
  8. This filter?!/api/Ext.grid.filters.filter.String

    filter: {
    type: 'string',
  9. I think better you should use appendChild which will take an array of new nodes. loadData is not a member of the treeStore but is member of the normal store.
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    Actually I was thinking chamacs answer is better, less lookups.
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    var node = grid.getNode(record);
  12. Browser Chrome, reproducible in both Ext 5.1.0 and 5.1.1

    In our code we refresh the normalview of a locked lockedgrid after a store reload.

    With bufferedrendering (default) this refresh gives...
  13. Should be backward compatible since people rely on the 'old' behavior. It's expected filters are applied on expand.

    Not possible to re-open this ticket and create a flag for it?
  14. Hello, I think the flickering is caused by the speed of the trackpad.

    I have this override:

    onPartnerScroll : function (partner, x, y) {

    var axis =...
  15. @Schlurcher I tried your override, and it is fixed, so I think. But I think the Sencha dev team should look at this, because we do not know what your fix could break.

    If any luck we must try to...
  16. +1 facing the issue on the latest nightly build.

    Not able to reproduce it, happens randomly when adding record to grid and or remove record from grid.
  17. Yes confirmed. Fixed in latest build. :)

    Is there a simple patch for this, to fix this before upcoming release comes out?
  18. Ok I will check... I have this issue in two applications I am developing. If it is solved in the latest, that would be nice.
  19. When sharing stores with another grid (in this case on another card/tab) the selection model of the second grid breaks.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Tested on Chrome

    - run the fiddle
    - press add...
  20. @Slemmon

    Just show how to pass configurations to the model. Very basic. Maybe add how to define type as well.

    selModel : {
    mode : 'MULTI'
  21. Using the typeProperty on the reader of a treeStore gives an error on appendChild when the property is
    omitted. It is expected that while decorating the data object with a model it falls back on...
  22. In the docs there is the following example, which I modified a bit to check if the data objects are decorated with a model type accordingly to the set typeProperty.

    I used this code in the docs...
  23. Thank you!
  24. Tested on a Macbook Pro

    In an editable grid I am not able to move cursor with arrow keys. No back no forward...

    Reproducible in example: ...
  25. When scrolling down in Chrome very fast from top to bottom, I see errors in the debugger.

    reproducible here:
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