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  1. I agree with this, and I am aware of the differences in the double and triple equals operators. Most of my combo's are remote combo's and work with proper integers: 2 not '2' and work fine... I am...
  2. @ Skirtle, what you said here brought me to the right solution:

    Though I am not sure I totally understand why, I changed my data from this:

    var types = [ {"id": 1, "name":...
  3. No, I haven't fixed this yet. I haven't actually been working on it since posting. I will be again within the next couple of days though. I will post a solution as soon as I come up with one, unless...
  4. HI All,

    I have a grid with RowEditing enabled with a combobox as one of the fields. All fields are required, and when going into edit mode the combo's value is set to blank, making the user...
  5. Magic! Mankz, thanks for the help. I wasted far too much time on this!
  6. Model:

    Ext.define('model', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    {name: 'ID', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'Status'},
    {name: 'WhenOpened', type: 'date', dateFormat:...
  7. var store = Ext.create('', {
    model: 'model',
    autoLoad: true,
    autoSync: true,
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    actionMethods: 'POST',
    extraParams: {...
  8. I have a grid that opens a window on selection of a row. In the window is a form, bound to the selected record. I have a save button that updates the forms record:

    var active =...
  9. That turned out to be extremely easy... Thanks

    renderer: function(value) {
    return value == 1 ? 'Email' : 'SMS';
  10. I didn't think it was a feature request as I only want the combo to behave as it does outside of a grid, I thought that would be expected?

    Anyhow, I will throw a renderer in there and see what...
  11. Not sure if this should be posted in the bugs section or if I am missing something obvious here.

    As the title suggests, I have a combobox in a grid with cell editing. Once I select an option from...
  12. Nevermind, I read through the code and see that all the functionality is there!

    Excellent plugin, thanks!
  13. Excellent plugin!

    I do have a question though, what if there are some nodes that you want copied, and others that you want moved on the same panel?
  14. Thanks, I actually just had some success as well, finally!

    I found a thread that covers the use of a JsonTreeSerializer. By using that I was actually able to pass the full JSON array back to PHP...
  15. The format that the data comes through to the server? Honestly I am quite easy on this. Passing an array with all of the data would be the easiest, but whatever it comes through as I can do the PHP...
  16. Hi all,

    I hope someone can help, I've been trying to create a save function for an Ext.ux.TreeGrid with no luck. Currently I have a save button that sends an AJAX request to a PHP script, but I am...
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