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  1. Also facing this issue. Bug is not fixed. I'll circle back if I come up with a workaround.
  2. Also having this problem. I'm starting some source code and console.log exploration as to what's going on when the first touch happens. I'm thinking it's probably the Scroller being initalized
  3. Hey guys,

    See chummy's post here:

    The trick is to add an id field to your regModel:

  4. Yup. You'll probably find you need to clear your LocalStore.

    // Set up local user state model template
    User.template = Ext.regModel('User', {
    fields: [
    'id', // DONT TOUCH

  5. Still happening to me in 1.1. I tried the "id" fix chummy suggested and it worked. (didn't bother making it of type int).
  6. Also trying to figure this out.
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