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  1. We do intend to include apps for both types of medium. Mobile is just where we started, and it's helped by the fact that many more Sencha Touch apps are public & consumer apps.

    Many of the best...
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    Sent you a PM. Should be able to get you sorted out very quickly.
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    Hi Jan-Simon,

    Let me check on this and get you an answer.

    Thanks for your patience
  4. We have dedicated two back-to-back workshops at SenchaCon where we will talk about our MVC philosophies. If you're going to be there, I strongly recommend the sessions as a chance to hear from the...
  5. I meant the new beta release of iOS5, not Sencha Touch! :-)
  6. which the CSS mask issue appears to have been solved, and that part of the kitchen sink is back to normal.

    (It was released today, just a few hours after your request for an update :-) )
  7. Yes, we certainly have no plans to remove doc support for old versions of products. In many cases where we've put that warning it's where we want to be sure it's still relevant to current versions.
  8. I checked with the development team, and we are tracking all these issues. At this point it's been hard to tell which are browser bugs (which will be ironed out pre release) and which will require...
  9. Without changing the service your only option is an iFrame I think:

    xtype: "panel",
    html: "<iframe src=''> </iframe>"
  10. The browser could be faking the HTML. Can you just curl it on the command line:

    curl -I

    And see what the content-type header is.

    Is the domain the same as the...
  11. Only manually - by comparing file sizes on the client. I wonder if we could provide some sort of diagnostic service... hmm....
  12. It's under NDA of course, but we are tracking and expect to fix the iOS5 issues. CSS masking seems to be the problem for the icon and button shapes - in fact this should probably be fixed on the...
  13. Glad it's working. You're doing it all right. Perhaps a cache issue?
  14. Just to be clear... the service returns the HTML, not the raw image itself? As I suggested, use AJAX and then the update() method of the panel to put the HTML into it.
  15. SenchaCon 2011 is coming!

    This year’s event will be held October 23rd – October 26th in Austin, Texas.

    We hope you’ll join us for our friendly, highly-interactive, hands-on conference and...
  16. Is it the same domain as the app? If so, just use an AJAX request to get this HTML fragment and .update() the panel with it.

    If it's not the same domain, you'll have to have the service returning...
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    Have you explored the new Ext.Draw module in Ext4?
  18. Good luck! We'll be in contact with everyone once all the submissions are in.
  19. updateWithRecord is not a function of the Sencha Touch API - it was created for that tutorial as part of the sample app.

    So it's possible that you've copied some of the app code from that article...
  20. Hi all,

    We just announced that we're inviting submissions for community contributions at SenchaCon this October.

    The submission itself is simple enough - impress us with what you think you'll...
  21. Go crazy with multiple entries. The only thing I would say is that if you do so, make sure they are quite different: we don't want to be judging 10 subtle variations of the same main concept.

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    The problem is presumably that the layout algorithm fires before the image has loaded and you haven't said how big it's going to be.

    Either of these would work, I think:

    items: [
  23. Start with the sample theme: you might be able to do something pretty easy in a few hours :-)
  24. You might find the following resources useful for getting started on the theming competition:

    * Launch blog post
    * Contest page
    * Instructions
    * Official rules
    * Roookies project on...
  25. This thread is for discussing the April 2011 Sencha Touch Theme Contest.

    In particular, please use this forum to disucss any technical issues that you might have a) getting the sample app up and...
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