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  1. Hi jachenry, sounds like a great app but I'm not in the Us and get no parks :(

    Could you comment in your experience ? We will be developing a recipes app which we intend to upload to Apple's and...
  2. this might be better, but still I dont get anything on screen:

    Ext.application({ requires: ['slides.Slide01'],
    launch: function () {
    Ext.create('Ext.Carousel', {
    fullscreen: true,...
  3. Hi Chris, I'm trying it but I must be missing something. The carousel gets created but I do not get the animation, with autostartscene: 0 it should run right ?. Thanks for your help
  4. oh i see, you do have the controller on a separate file, im gonna try it
  5. If I understant what you mean, you suggest exporting each individual slide from Sencha Animator and convert it with the component creator, and then loading them in the carousel ?

    It might work,...
  6. Hi, hope you can shed some light in my problem, im completely new here

    I need a sencha touch 2 carousel, with each slide being a Sencha Animator Slide. So when the app loads, the animation of the...
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